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CDT Condemns Disbanding of Twitter Trust & Safety Council

(WASHINGTON) — In response to the news that Twitter disbanded its Trust and Safety Council, of which the Center for Democracy & Technology (CDT) was a member, CDT issued the following statement:

“The abrupt disbanding of Twitter’s Trust and Safety Council is yet another arbitrary and irresponsible decision about content moderation processes under Twitter’s new ownership.

The Council was an external advisory group of human rights and safety experts, convened to give Twitter advice on its policies and practices, never on individual cases. Since the change in Twitter leadership, CDT and other Council members have been deeply concerned by Twitter executives’ disregard for due process, deliberative policymaking, and investment of resources to maintain the fairness and safety of the platform.

We have also been dismayed by Twitter leadership’s irresponsible actions to spread misinformation about the Council, which have endangered Council members and eroded any semblance of trust in the company. CDT and other organizations called on Twitter to address our concerns in Monday evening’s scheduled meeting with the Council, but rather than engage with members’ concerns, Twitter disbanded the Council less than an hour before the call.

CDT participated in the Council because we believe that social media platforms should follow human rights-based substantive and procedural rules to ensure fair treatment and help mitigate abuse. We remained ready to engage over the past few weeks in the hopes that reason would prevail, and that Twitter would again consult with outside experts and follow due process to protect users’ online speech and safety. It is clear that is no longer the case.”


CDT is a 27-year-old 501(c)3 nonpartisan nonprofit organization that fights to put democracy and human rights at the center of the digital revolution. It works to promote democratic values by shaping technology policy and architecture, with a focus on equity and justice.