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Avery Gardiner to Lead CDT’s Efforts on Competition, Data, & Power

The Center for Democracy & Technology (CDT) is excited to welcome Avery Gardiner as Senior Fellow for Competition, Data & Power. As CDT’s resident competition law expert, Avery brings valuable experience as both a government enforcer and an in-house competition lawyer for a tech company.

In a post outlining her vision for CDT’s efforts, Avery said: “My goal is to bring some sense to the complex and contentious debates about how competition law applies to technology, and what competition policy should be when it considers powerful tech firms with strong market positions.”

She continues to say: “Our plan at CDT is to unearth the elements of truth [in the competition debates]. We’ll do that by talking to companies, academics, journalists, government enforcers, and industry watchers. We’ll focus on facts. We’ll look at how customers are affected, not only on basic price competition, but also by looking carefully and analytically at concerns about squelching innovation, leveraging market power, and locking in the status quo.”

You can read all of Avery’s post about CDT’s plans around competition, data, and power here, and read more about her experience here.