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Apple’s Big Security Upgrades Will Save You From Yourself


During this week’s WWDC keynote, executives touted improvements to popular services like Siri, iMessage, and Apple Music. They demonstrated exciting new uses for nascent features like 3D Touch. Amid all the fuss, though, they neglected to talk much about the security measures coming to MacBooks and iPhones this fall. That’s a shame, because there are lots. And they’re going to significantly alter how you interact with your Apple devices.

“Apple already has FileVault encryption in software. It’s not done by the file system, it’s done by the operating system,” says Greg Norcie, staff technologist at the Center for Democracy & Technology. “In general, if you’re going to do something in software it’s going to be slower than if you do it at the file system level. It’s going to make everything more seamless.”

As for the encryption itself, on most devices APFS will use AES-XTS encryption, which Norcie notes is what’s used to protect top-secret government information.

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