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Announcing the Equity in Civic Technology Project at CDT

Public agencies and civic institutions increasingly rely on data and technology to carry out their responsibilities, from designing educational programs and providing healthcare options for uninsured families to allocating unemployment benefits and addressing food and housing instability. As governments expand their use of these digital tools, it is critical that they do so in ways that affirm individual privacy, preserve civil rights, foster inclusive participatory systems, promote transparent and accountable oversight, and advance just social structures within the broader community.

To promote the responsible, equitable use of data and technology in public institutions, CDT is pleased to announce the launch of the Equity in Civic Technology Project. The program builds on the work that was started with CDT’s Student Privacy Project in 2018, and reflects CDT’s ongoing commitment to issues of privacy protection and equitable technology use in education. CDT’s work on responsible use of data and technology in the education sector will remain our primary focus as we strategically expand to address similar issues in other public sectors. Our approach combines both technical and policy-minded perspectives, creating solutions-oriented policy resources and actionable technical guidance.

To learn more about the Equity in Civic Technology Project, read our insight announcing the program launch, and view the program’s resources.

CDT is a 25-year-old 501(c)3 nonpartisan nonprofit organization working to promote democratic values by shaping technology policy and architecture.