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European Commission Strategy on Criminal Justice in Cyberspace Can Move the Debate Forward

As part of the European Agenda on Security, the European Commission committed to addressing, among many other things, the challenges law enforcement authorities face when obtaining digital evidence for cross-border criminal investigations. The Council of Europe’s Cybercrime Convention Committee’s progress report provides new and very relevant data that can help inform the efforts towards workable solutions

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First report on the EU Hate Speech Code of Conduct shows need for transparency, judicial oversight, and appeals

While the European Commissioner for Justice Věra Jourová’s intentions on combating online hate speech are sincere, and the problem she seeks to address is real and important, the Commission’s strategy, its stated objectives, and its implementation are questionable on several levels. This blog post notes a series of concerns about the strategy and proposes some recommendations for addressing them.

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Event Recap: Presentation of Dr. Monica Horten's paper on uncertainty for internet intermediaries in EU

On 6 September in Brussels, CDT presented the paper Content ‘responsibility’: The looming cloud of uncertainty for internet intermediaries, authored by Dr. Monica Horten. Following the presentation of the paper, CDT hosted a lively debate with the participation of both the audience and the panel. The panel noted several European Commission draft proposals seem to be in contradiction with current legislation as they imply monitoring obligations for intermediaries.

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CDT responds to European Commission consultation on ancillary rights: unnecessary barriers for innovation and free speech

CDT has consistently cautioned against the introduction of ancillary rights in copyright laws in Europe because of the negative effects of such rights on smaller publishers, citizen journalism and, more importantly, freedom of information. CDT restated our objection to this idea in our submission to the European Commission’s public consultation on the role of publishers in the copyright value chain and on the “panorama exception”.

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European Commission Online Platform Proposals Puts Onus on Companies

The European Commission has published a set of proposals and documents under the umbrella of its Digital Single Market strategy. Among them is a Communication on ‘Online Platforms and the Digital Single Market Opportunities and Challenges for Europe’. There are positive messages in the document, but also some problematic ones. CDT has consistently pushed back on proposals that would endanger the internet as an enabler of free expression, public debate, and access to information.

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CDT responds to European Commission consultation on IPR Enforcement: no new legislation necessary

This month, CDT submitted its response to the European Commission’s consultation on “the evaluation and modernisation of the legal framework for the enforcement of intellectual property rights (IPR)”. CDT’s response restates some of the main points we raised in the context of the “Platforms Consultation”. We argue that new enforcement legislation is not necessary. We believe the existing rules relevant to the protection of intellectual property appropriately balance between rightsholders’ interest in deriving a profit from their works and the public interest in access to information, freedom of expression, and the protection of personal data.

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European Data Protection Authorities Chime in on Privacy Shield

The ‘Article 29 Working Party’, the body of European Data Protection Authorities (DPAs) published their eagerly awaited opinion on the EU-US Privacy Shield. In many ways, the delicate balance the DPAs strike in their analysis is consistent with expectations. Overall, the WP29 Opinion is neither a straightforward endorsement, nor a blanket rejection of the Privacy Shield.

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