Privacy & Data

CDT’s Privacy and Data Project explores the changing role of technology in our daily lives, investigating its impact on individuals, communities, and public policy. CDT’s experts identify emerging issues and work with companies and legislators to craft innovative policy and technical solutions.



Trust is a critical component to a thriving digital ecosystem and virtual private networks, or VPNs, offer users a way to disguise and protect their internet traffic. However, providers of commercial VPN services must still foster trust that they adequately obscure their users’ digital footprints and safeguard their data.

State Privacy Resource Center

State and local governments play an important role in protecting consumer privacy. CDT’s State Privacy Resource Center is a repository of information to help state and local policymakers craft privacy legislation. It includes tools, as well as examples of issues we’ve been able to help states push forward on.

Digital Decisions

The data systems that digest and crunch information collected through digital technology are increasingly making important decisions about individuals. CDT is leading the effort to ensure that these decisions do not encode bias.

Student Privacy

Modern classrooms across the country have embraced big data and technology to enhance everything from curriculum to school operations. Protecting the privacy of students is at the core of realizing the full potential of EdTech.


Unidentified flying objects aren’t the stuff of science fiction anymore. Drones are increasingly soaring overhead but the rules of the sky are unclear.

Broadband Privacy

ISPs are the porters of the internet today but should they also be the gatekeepers? CDT weighs in on how to protect customer privacy and autonomy.

Internet of Things

Smart toasters and smart thermostats offer convenience and automation, but also provide a uniquely personal window into our lives.

Health Privacy

Digital products and services have sparked a healthcare revolution. Fine-grained data about a person’s health and wellbeing is fueling new technologies, applications and industries – and privacy questions.