Internet Architecture

In order for privacy, security, and free expression to flourish in the digital age, these human rights values must be built into the infrastructure of the internet. By engaging technical experts in policy issues and educating policymakers on technical matters, CDT helps bridge these worlds with our deep understanding of both.


Election Cybersecurity

Identifying and updating election cybersecurity practices and infrastructure, and working through potential remedies.

Security Research

Protecting cybersecurity researchers who find and fix software vulnerabilities by promoting certainty, trust, and collaboration.

Internet Governance

CDT supports open and inclusive Internet governance processes and seeks to strengthen the voice of global civil society in governance debates.


A healthy balance must be struck between governments’ needs for surveillance and the privacy rights of citizens.

Net Neutrality

Preventing broadband providers from becoming Internet gatekeepers while protecting against government overreach.


The technical decisions that govern how the Internet operates must be made in ways that safeguard privacy, security and free expression.

Online Anonymity and Encryption

The foundation of e-commerce, free expression and social life online is secure and anonymous communication.