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Weekly Privacy Tip: Use Protection, Install Redirect Remover

It’s common practice for websites to pull in content from other sites. So, when you visit a site, you’re actually visiting several sites – many of which you don’t know and may not trust. Due to this unavoidable web promiscuity, one bad move can lead to a pretty nasty computer infection. That’s why it’s smart to use protection. For example, take Redirect Remover: This plug-in for Firefox 4 Beta is designed to protect you from common redirects found on websites, ensuring that when you visit a site, you’re only visiting that site. This goes a long way in preventing redirects to phishing sites that surreptitiously grab personal info.

Cyrus Nemati, web producer for CDT, has reviewed this plug-in as well as Trackerblock in the latest installment of “Plug-Ins for Privacy,” a series for Wired GeekDad. Read the full post here.

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