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Equity in Civic Technology, Privacy & Data

Webinar Series: Navigating Student Privacy and Education Technology Amidst COVID

As government leaders, policymakers, and technology companies continue to navigate the global coronavirus pandemic, CDT is actively monitoring the latest responses and working to ensure they are grounded in civil rights and liberties. Our policy teams aim to help leaders craft solutions that balance the unique needs of the moment, while still respecting and upholding individual human rights. Find more of our work at

As part of CDT’s work to ensure government leaders, policymakers, and tech companies protect our civil liberties as well as our health, we’ve come together for another addition to our series of webinars on tech policy responses to COVID-19.

How can education practitioners continue to leverage the benefits of education data and technology during COVID-19, while protecting their students’ safety and well-being? In this webinar, CDT’s Elizabeth Laird will be joined by InnovateEDU’s Erin Mote and the Colorado Department of Education’s Marcia Bohannon to discuss the changing context of student privacy protection and the steps state and local practitioners should take to protect the privacy of students and their families.

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This webinar aired Thursday, June 18, 2020. If you’d like to participate in future webinars in this series, reach out to us at [email protected].

Webinar speakers Elizabeth Laird, Erin Mote, and Marcia Bohannon

Guiding questions from the webinar’s discussion, including the main student privacy issues education practitioners are seeing, how state and local education agencies support each other, and how should student privacy be considered as schools reopen in the fall.