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USA Patriot Act and other Security Issues

Terrorism is testing our nation’s collective resolve to maintain the freedom, openness and diversity that defines and enriches our society. CDT believes that surrendering freedom will not purchase security, that democratic values are strengths not weaknesses, and that open communications networks are a positive force in the fight against violence and intolerance.

PATRIOT Re-Authorization



  • Final Version of the USA-PATRIOT Act [pdf] Oct. 26, 2001
  • Redlines prepared by the Electronic Commerce & Privacy Practice Group of the Washington, DC law firm of Piper Marbury Rudnick & Wolfe LLP, and others showing how existing law was modified by the USA PATRIOT Act
    • Changes to the posse comitatus law and to IEEPA, made by Title I of the USA PATRIOT Act [pdf]
    • Changes to the electronic surveillance laws (ECPA, FISA, and the Communications Act) and the federal anti-hacking statute (the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act), made by Title II and sections 814 and 815 of the USA PATRIOT Act [pdf]
    • Changes to the Bank Secrecy Act made by Title III, Subtitle B of the USA PATRIOT Act [pdf]
    • Changes to the forfeiture, counterfeiting, and other currency crimes statutes, made by Title III, Subtitle C of the USA PATRIOT Act [pdf]
    • Changes to the immigration laws made by Title IV of the USA PATRIOT Act [pdf]
    • Changes to the Right to Financial Privacy Act, the Fair Credit Reporting Act, the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, 18 USC 2709, educational records privacy laws, the DNA Identification Act, and FISA, made by Title V of the USA PATRIOT Act [pdf]
    • Change to the statute concerning the RISS program, made by Title VII of the USA PATRIOT Act [pdf]
    • Changes to the criminal code, made by Title VIII of the USA PATRIOT Act [pdf]
    • Changes to miscellaneous statutes, including FISA, made by Title X of the USA PATRIOT Act [pdf]
  • Department of Justice’s Section-by-Section Summary of the USA PATRIOT ACT (one phrase or sentence on each section)
  • Legislative Proposals to Fix the PATRIOT Act
  • Court Challenges to the USA PATRIOT Act

Analyses of USA PATRIOT Act

Leading up to the Enactment of the USA PATRIOT Act: In Congress

Post-USA PATRIOT Act Congressional Oversight

Department of Homeland Security

Justice Department Guidelines and Other Materials

Other Anti-Terrorism Measures