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Tech Talk: Reliving Tech Prom and Introducing the GRAIL Network

2016-04-20 CDT Tech Talk LONG logo

CDT’s Tech Talk is a podcast where we dish on tech and Internet policy, while also explaining what these policies mean to our daily lives. You can find Tech Talk on SoundCloud iTunes, and Google Play, as well as Stitcher and TuneIn.

Did you miss CDT’s Tech Prom? Fear not – in this episode of Tech Talk we are bringing it to you. Our President & CEO Nuala O’Connor gave remarks at Tech Prom, where she challenged everyone to think about how they could help create technology that advances democratic values. Nuala’s inspiring words are the first segment and worth a re-listen even if you were in attendance.

After Nuala, we’ll be talking with CDT’s Stan Adams about a new network of researchers, scientists, and academics who will be working directly with policymakers to infuse AI policy proposals with more actual research.  The GRAIL Network is a bipartisan effort led by CDT and the R Street Institute