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Tech Talk

Tech Talk: Deepfakes, Internet Art & Game of Thrones

2016-04-20 CDT Tech Talk LONG logo

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When it comes to scary uses of technology, deepfakes rank pretty high. These are images or videos created using fairly advanced technology that depict something that never really happened. Think Barack Obama being present at the Gettysburg address or Ariana Grande singing at Live Aid. And while these might be obvious fakes, it’s not hard to imagine far more nefarious abuses, such as making a politician appear to say something she did not or putting an activist at the scene of a crime.

In this episode of Tech Talk, we hear from Tara Vassefi of Truepic, a company that is working to address the serious issue of deepfakes.

After that, we chat with DC-based artist Sarah Jamison, who draws her inspiration from the digital media that permeates our life. Her work will soon be on display at CDT’s DC offices, so be sure to visit sometime this spring.


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