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Tech Talk: CDT Starting the Conversation on US Federal Privacy

2016-04-20 CDT Tech Talk LONG logo

CDT’s Tech Talk is a podcast where we dish on tech and Internet policy, while also explaining what these policies mean to our daily lives. You can find Tech Talk on SoundCloud iTunes, and Google Play, as well as Stitcher and TuneIn.

Tim Hoagland –– CDT’s Lead Designer, Digital Strategist, and resident Podcast Engineer, and sits in for Brian on this episode as host! And despite our bit of radio silence the past few weeks on the podcast, CDT has been running full speed here since the start of the new year. One key area of focus is getting our spotlight today – CDT’s draft privacy legislation. To quote our own Privacy & Data team’s writing:

“For too long, Americans’ digital privacy has varied widely, hinging on the tech and services we use, on the companies behind them, and on users’ capacity to navigate confusing notices and settings. It’s time for change.”

Well now the whole team is joining us today – Michelle Richardson, Natasha Duarte, and Joe Jerome – enjoy the episode!

Find more of CDT’s federal privacy legislation work here.