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Repository of Publicly Sourced Documents Cited in CDT’s Report – Legal Loopholes and Data for Dollars

Repository of publicly sourced documents cited in CDT's report, "Legal Loopholes and Data for Dollars." White document on a dark grey background, with black text and blue & purple / orange rectangles.
Repository of publicly sourced documents cited in CDT’s report, “Legal Loopholes and Data for Dollars.” White document on a dark grey background, with black text and blue & purple / orange rectangles.

In a new report by CDT entitled Legal Loopholes and Data for Dollars: How Law Enforcement and Intelligence Agencies Are Buying Your Data from Brokers, we examine a) the nature and scale of the purchase of personal data by federal law enforcement and intelligence agencies from data brokers, and b) how these agencies rely on such purchases in situations where they should be first required to obtain a warrant or other formal legal process. As part of this research, we reviewed numerous publicly available documents that described the ways in which federal law enforcement and intelligence agencies work with data brokers.  

We used a variety of methods to identify relevant public documents. These included searches of awards as well as government documents on a variety of contract-compilation services. We restricted searches to relevant agencies and divisions, and gave priority to documents issued after the Supreme Court’s decision in Carpenter v. United States in 2018. We referenced keywords from a combination of awards, government documents, news articles, and agency memoranda to attempt to pinpoint alternative ways that activities were described.

In all, we cited 39 of these documents in our report. These are all listed here for convenience, transparency, and the aid of future reporting & research.

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  1. BPA Call 15F06718A0008180-15F06720F0002074 (FBI, $4.3 million, Environmental Systems Research Institute, Inc., 2021);
  2. BPA Call 70CMSD19A00000007-70CMSD19FC0000052 (ICE, $1.5 million, Babel Street, Inc., 2019-2021);
  3. BPA Call DJF161200S0009106-15DDHQ20F00001467 (DEA, $220k, Babel Street, Inc., 2020-2021);
  4. BPA Call HSHQDC16A00005-70RTAC19FC0000065 (DHS, $1.3 million, Ardent Management Consulting, Inc. 2019-2021);
  5. Definitive Contract 70CMSD21C00000002 (DHS, $4.2 million, Thomson Reuters Special Services LLC, 2021-2026);
  6. Definitive Contract 70CMSW20C00000001 (ICE, $5.5 million, Barbaricum LLC, 2020-2025);
  7. Definitive Contract 70US0919C70090057 (Secret Service, $2 million, Babel Street, Inc., 2019-2020); 
  8. Delivery Order 03310319D0028-70SBUR19F00000548 (Citizenship and Immigration, $484k, RELX Inc., 2019-2020);
  9. Delivery Order 03310319D0028-70CDCR20FR0000053 (ICE, $115k, RELX Inc., 2020-2021); 
  10. Delivery Order 03310319D0028-70US0920F3OTH0082 (Secret Service, $830k, RELX Inc., 2020-2022);
  11. Delivery Order 15JPSS19D00000122-15JPSS20F00001100 (DOJ, $12.7 million, West Publishing Corporation, 2020-2021);
  12. Delivery Order HSHQDC12D00013-70B03C20F00001148 (CBP, $265k, Panamerica Computers, Inc. 2020-2021); 
  13. Delivery Order HSHQDC12D00013-70B04C18F00001093 (CBP, $2.3 million, Panamerica Computers, Inc., 2018-2019);
  14. Delivery Order HSHQDC12D00013-70RSAT18FR0000172 (DHS, $671k, Panamerica Computers, Inc., 2018-2019);
  15. Delivery Order HSHQDC13D00022-70RSAT18FR0000052 (DHS, $362k, Govplace, Inc., 2018-2019);
  16. Delivery Order HSHQDC13D00002-70B03C20F00001210 (CBP, $359.9k, Thundercat Technology, LLC, 2020);
  17. Delivery Order HSHQDC13D00002-70B03C20F00001399 (CBP, $199.1k, Thundercat Technology, LLC, 2020);
  18. Delivery Order HSHQDC13D00015-HSSCCG17J00139 (ICE, $112.5k, FirstSource II, 2017-2018);
  19. Delivery Order LC14C7121-70B04C18F00000031 (CBP, $8.8 million, RELX Inc., 2017-2021); 
  20. Delivery Order NNG15SC77B-15F06720F0000659 (FBI, $22.3k, Govplace Inc., 2020-2021);
  21. LexisNexis, Authorized Federal Supply Schedule Pricelist, GS00F178DA, 2016-2021;
  22. Limited Source Justification and Approval (Naval Supply Systems Command, Thomson Reuters, 2021);
  23. Limited Source Justification for CLEAR Subscriptions HQ0034-19-F-0013 (Department of Defense, Force Protection Agency, Thomson Reuters, 2018);
  24. Memorandum for Record – Limiting Competition at or below the Simplified Acquisition Threshold – Modification # P00005 to existing Contract # W15QKN-15-C-0111;
  25. Notice of Intent to Sole Source (Marine Corps, Thomson Reuters, 2021);
  26. Office of Acquisition Management, Sole Source Justification, J&A-19-0208 (DHS, ICE, OAQ, IOSD, OPR, $3.4 million, Thomson Reuters Special Services LLC, 2019-2021); 
  27. Purchase Order 15F06721P0002431 (FBI, $14.1 million, CMA Technology, Inc. 2021);
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  29. Purchase Order 70CDCR18P00000017 (ICE, $7.4 million, West Publishing Corporation, 2017-2021);
  30. Purchase Order GS00Q14OADS111-70B03C21F00000352 (CBP, $548k, Chevo Consulting LLC, 2020-2021);
  31. Purchase Order HSBP1015P00498 (CBP, $253.4k, Vigilant Solutions, LLC, 2015-2020); 
  32. Request for Proposal 15F06720R0000063 (FBI, Redstone Arsenal Field Office, 2020);
  33. Request for Proposal 15F06720R0000063, Social Media Solicitation (FBI, Redstone Arsenal Field Office, 2020);
  34. Sole Source Justification M0009619SUINS07 (Marine Corps Intelligence Surveillance Reconnaissance Enterprise, Thomson Reuters, 2019); 
  35. Sole Source Procurement Justification (Dona Ana County Sheriffs Department, $45.5k, Forensic Logic LLC, 2020-2021);
  36. Solicitation 15JPSS19R00000013, pp. 24-32 et seq. (FBI, Computer Assisted Legal Research 5, 2018); [full document pages 1-50 / pages 51-104]
  37. Solicitation 70CMSW20R00000002 (ICE, 2020);
  38. Special Notice to Sole Source 2032H321N00072 (OIA, Thomson Reuters, 2021);
  39. Thomson Reuters General Terms and Conditions, Version 2.1, attached to Notice of Contract No. 200000000689 (State of Michigan, $1.8 million, West Publishing Corporation, 2020-2023).