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A Primer on Behavioral Advertising

In recent years and at an accelerating pace, technology and market forces have been fundamentally changing the advertising industry through the collection, storage and use of information. One growing industry, "behavioral advertising," involves the compilation of detailed information about an Internet user’s online activities. Data about how consumers interact with certain sites–which articles they read, which advertisements they click on, the purchases they make, or the length of time…

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Security and Privacy Issues Associated With Federal RFID-Enabled Documents

(1) U.S. Government Should Abandon RFID-Enabled Border Crossing Documents (2) Government Moves Ahead Despite Privacy Warnings (3) Alleged Benefits Do Not Outweigh the Privacy Risks (4) Still Time to Change Policy and Adopt Privacy Protecting Technology (1) U.S. Government Should Abandon Insecure RFID-Enabled Border Crossing Documents In the wake of the September 11 attacks, the 9/11 Commission identified the security of U.S….

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Testimony of Deven McGraw

Testimony of Deven McGraw before the Health Subcommittee of the House Committee on Ways and Means on "Protecting the Adoption and Use of Health Information Technology"

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Recommended Principles for Updating Privacy Laws

Federal privacy laws have historically been successful in helping to protect personal information in the hands of federal government. However, inconsistent implementation and failure to update these laws with current technology have widened gaps in the law. CDT urges legislation to bring privacy laws up to date in order to minimize threats to privacy. (1) Legislation Needed to Bring Privacy Laws Up to Date (2) Shortcomings…

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Privacy and Security Principles for Health Information Technology

CDT believes there is a need to adopt a comprehensive privacy and security framework for protection of health data as information technology is increasingly used to support exchange of medical records and other health information. CDT believes that privacy and security protections will build public trust, which is crucial if the benefits of health information technology (health IT) are to be realized. (1) CDT Calls for the Adoption…

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