Outside Looking In: Approaches to Content Moderation in End-to-End Encrypted Systems

New CDT Report Defines End-to-End Encryption (E2EE) & Examines the Best Ways to Moderate Content on E2EE Platforms

What Could Go Wrong? Apple’s Misguided Plans to Gut End-to-End Encryption

Explaining “Explainability”

EU Tech Policy Brief: July 2021 Recap

Government Watchdog Reports Many Government Agencies Don’t Even Know What Facial Recognition Systems They Are Using

CDT leads an amicus brief in support of Twitter, in the case "Twitter v. Ken Paxton," joined by EFF, Media Coalition Foundation, National Coalition Against Censorship, Pen America, and R Street Institute. Image of white document on dark grey background.

Chilling Effects on Content Moderation Threaten Freedom of Expression for Everyone

CDT Comments to U.S. ITC on Digital Censorship

EU Tech Policy Brief: June 2021 Recap

Screenshot of CDT Europe's joint civil society statement urging the IMCO Committee to uphold fundamental rights in the DSA. Ten organizational logos are displayed on top of a white background.

Joint Civil Society Statement Urges IMCO Committee to Uphold Fundamental Rights in the DSA

The DSA Introduces Important Transparency Obligations for Digital Services, but Key Questions Remain

Screenshot of the CDT Europe team's Overview of the Transparency Obligations for Digital Services in the DSA.

Overview of Transparency Obligations for Digital Services in the DSA