EU Tech Policy Brief: June 2021 Recap

A close-up image of the collection of symbols used by CDT to represent it's Equity in Civic Technology project. The image includes a blue building, a purple school, and a soft red home against a white background.

Equity in Civic Technology Project: FAQs

Tenant Screening Algorithms Enable Racial and Disability Discrimination at Scale, and Contribute to Broader Patterns of Injustice

Taking a Hard Line on AI Bias in Consumer Finance

Screenshot of CDT Europe's joint civil society statement urging the IMCO Committee to uphold fundamental rights in the DSA. Ten organizational logos are displayed on top of a white background.

Joint Civil Society Statement Urges IMCO Committee to Uphold Fundamental Rights in the DSA

King County, Wash., Bans Government Facial Recognition

The DSA Introduces Important Transparency Obligations for Digital Services, but Key Questions Remain

Screenshot of the CDT Europe team's Overview of the Transparency Obligations for Digital Services in the DSA.

Overview of Transparency Obligations for Digital Services in the DSA

Florida Social Media Law Prioritizes Politicians Over the Public

Screenshot of a letter, with CDT joining EFF and 50+ other organizations in telling PayPal and Venmo to shape up their policies on account closures.

CDT Joins EFF, Dozens of Other Orgs in Telling PayPal and Venmo to Shape Up Policies on Account Closures

CDT Joins Broad Coalition in Urging Biden Administration and Congress to Nominate Fifth FCC Commissioner

EU-U.S. Digital Deals Must Put Democracy First