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NetGain: Let’s Work Together to Improve the Internet


This week, Nuala and I had the opportunity to take part in the launch of the NetGain Challenge, an exciting new initiative aimed at realizing the full potential of the Internet to “spark the next generation of innovation for social change and progress.”

Launched by the Knight, MacArthur, Mozilla, and Ford Foundations, the NetGain Challenge aims to unite all sectors to find genuine solutions to the challenges of our digital age. At the launch event, several innovative and proactive speakers started the conversation. Many talked about the immense amounts of data we now have and the potential it creates for both incredible good and serious privacy abuses; others spoke of the power of the Internet to facilitate free speech, to connect people, and to spread good ideas; and still others cautioned against censorship and the chilling effect of government surveillance.

The most motivating parts of the launch for me were the discussions around digital inclusion and empowerment, especially of women and minorities. The digital world we build depends on everyone being involved in shaping it – not just those with the most privilege or access to the newest technology.

The great news is that YOU can be a part of finding ways to shape this empowering digital world. The NetGain Challenge is about harnessing the power of the Internet to find solutions. It’s about engaging the global Internet community and generating fresh, new ideas that propel us forward. And with the philanthropic community rallying around these efforts, it is far more than just talk – it is action.

The Center for Democracy & Technology encourages everyone to take part in the NetGain Challenge. Share you voice. Share your ideas. Shape the digital society you want to live in.