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Get ready to Take Back Your Privacy!

Today, CDT launches "Take Back Your Privacy" – our Internet user privacy campaign aimed at mobilizing users to demand better privacy controls from web sites and product makers as well as press federal lawmakers to pass workable 21st century consumer privacy legislation.
Many Internet users have long been unaware of the dangers and risks to their personal data that exist from being online. As technology advances and new innovations come about, user privacy controls and protections should be advancing as well. Unfortunately, this is not always the case and more and more users are finding that their data and their privacy are not in their control. It is time to take it back!

With the launch of the Take Back Your Privacy website, we are giving Internet users the opportunity to have their voices heard and ways to put privacy firmly in their hands. CDT has provided supporters with tools and means to contact those in the government and at companies who can help change the privacy landscape for everyone. Some of the organizing and educational tools on the web site include:
  • A privacy complaint tool that allows users to register privacy complaints to the FTC through a downloadable bookmark applet
  • Letter to Lawmakers tool to contact Members of Congress directly about the desire for federal privacy legislation
  • Social media tools such as Twitter and Facebook to encourage users to share ideas and opinions on the issues
  • "Tweet the Facts" – a tool to share key facts about online privacy
  • A downloadable badge to proudly display on your web site or blog that you are "Taking Back Your Privacy!"
  • A newsletter to keep supporters updated on what is going on with the campaign and new ways they can help and get involved
In the coming weeks and months our grassroots effort will continue to grow and we plan on expanding the web site to include a "Privacy Lab" where developers can share ideas and help one another build new privacy tools. Additionally, CDT will offer insight and analysis on privacy tools currently available and help educate users on what they need to watch out for online.
The campaign kicks off at a critical time in the privacy debate in this country, as the FTC will be hosting a series of public roundtable discussions to explore the privacy challenges posed by new technologies and business practices that collect and use consumer data. The goal of these roundtables (where CEO Leslie Harris will be a participant) is to determine how to best protect consumer privacy while supporting the growth of innovation in technology.
The first public roundtable is on Monday, December 7th and we urge supporters of the "Take Back Your Privacy" campaign on Twitter to make a statement all day by using the hashtag #tbyp for all of their tweets. Help us make it clear that as Internet users  we want our privacy back and demand action!
In the meantime, check out the new campaign Web site and sign up for updates and tell us what you think.