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FCC Net Neutrality Proceeding Supports Public Interest

CDT and a large group of public interest advocates today sent a letter to FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski commending him and the Commission for launching a proceeding later this week to closely examine the issue of Internet neutrality. The proceeding is aimed at ensuring that broadband service providers cannot act as gatekeepers over Internet websites and services, and that the Internet retains its open and innovative character. The letter doesn’t get into specifics of what rules might look like, but affirms that safeguards in this area would strongly serve the public interest. The letter urges the agency to move forward with the policy process and not to be dissuaded by dire and overwrought “predictions of doom” from opponents who want to halt the dialog before it even starts. At this point in the debate on Internet “neutrality,” we think that a proceeding at the FCC would be a constructive step. CDT does believe that any action on neutrality must be carefully framed so as to not give the FCC broad regulatory power over Internet content and applications. It is vital that the Internet remain free from both gatekeeping by broadband providers, as well as burdensome governmental regulations on what types of content, websites and tools that you can reach online.