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CFP2008 in New Haven

CFP2008 in New Haven

I was fortunate to serve on the Program Committee for the 18th Computers, Freedom and Privacy Conference in New Haven, CT. It was Chaired by EFF’s Eddan Katz who put on a smaller, but very engaging conference. One of the best programs in my memory actually.

I arrived too late for a tutorial on voting discrimination put on by Lillie Coney of the Electronic Privacy Information Center, but everyone that I spoke to who attended had rave reviews despite the fact that left more frightened than when they came. Ars Technica had a write up on that one.

A panel that I moderated on the presidential campaign tech policy with Danny Weitzner from MIT (and CDT Board Member) representing the Obama Campaign and Chuck Fish representing the McCain Campaign was covered in Wired and the LA Times. I’d really like to thank both campaigns for preparing and participating despite their obviously busy schedules.

Ryan Singel at Wired also covered a panel where a law professor and former prosecutor suggested that ISPs run the risk of criminal penalties including jail time for deep packet inspection in certain cases.

I think that the conference Web site will have video and audio of the event up eventually and I’m already looking forward to next year conference where NNEDV’s Cindy Southworth and the ACLU’s Jay Stanley will Co-Chair in Washington, DC.