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CDT Softball Team Edges ACLU

Thought this wrap up from our softball team’s victory over ACLU from yesterday would be a good change of pace for Friday. Enjoy!

In a striking, improbable, spectacular turn of events, the “Fleeting Expletives” defeated the ACLU’s “F’n A’s” on the Mall last night in moonlit game, long after the last fans had exited the stadium!

Things had been looking bleak for the Expletives! Lacking a field-of-play at game time and well into the evening, it was looking like a night of libations and chips, but no softball! Probes sent to the far ends of the Mall had turned up no place to play! Key players had departed for the showers, including Brock “The Franchise” Meeks and Austin “Pulled Something” Randazzo, heads hung low, muttering … fleeting expletives.

Suddenly, a nearby game ended. A field had opened up! And the Fleeting Expletives and ACLU rallied their remaining troops to PLAY BALL!

ACLU scored three runs in their first ups, and eight more in their next, but were held back by incredible fielding from the Fleeting Expletives, including a tag out at Second base base by Jennifer “Run ’em down” Chen, a tag out at Third by Reuben “Body Imager” Rodriguez and force outs at First base, manned by Harley “Stretch” Geiger.

The ACLU put its most wily pitcher on the mound, but the F.E.s’ bats were sizzling! The pitches rolled in, bounced in, scraped the sky and threatened distant monuments. But, nothing could stop the Expletives from their appointment with Fame!

The cool calm of B.J. “Mr. Determination” Ard rattled the pitcher into serving up an occasional hittable ball. Towering slugs by Matt “The Deputy” Allee and a three-run homer by Aziz “The Puma” Ahmad had the F’n’s cowering in fear. That, and a strategic, measured swing by Cynthia “Bunter” Wong, and sly, aggressive base running by Liz “Sneaky Pete” Banaszak and Tsoghig “The Armenian Beserker” Hekimian sealed the fate of the hapless ACLU!

Final score, 12-11!!! With the game ended “early” on account of darkness, the F’n A’s demanded a rematch with their nemesis, the Fleeting Expletives. Stay tuned for Second Game of this series!