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CDT Letter Recommending Further Changes to Address Privacy, Security & Content Moderation Concerns As Senate Antitrust Bill Moves Forward

Today, the Center for Democracy & Technology (CDT) sent a letter to Senator Klobuchar and Senator Grassley, along with other members of the Senate Judiciary Committee, concerning the American Innovation and Choice Online Act (S. 2992). This bill would prohibit a covered online platform from preferencing its own products and services sold or provided on the platform by discriminating against products and services of competing businesses who depend on the platform to reach their customers.

We are encouraged by the progress being made in Congress to update our antitrust laws to address competition problems in the digital marketplace. Nevertheless, as explained in the letter, we are concerned that the current draft of the bill still could undermine the ability of covered platforms to protect personal and business data against unauthorized access and misuse, and interfere with the platforms’ responsible efforts to curb hate speech, disinformation, or other abusive content.

We recognize that Committee Members have been working to address these issues and urge them to continue constructive efforts to make further changes to improve the bill as it is prepared for consideration by the full Senate.

Read the full letter here.