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Cybersecurity & Standards, Government Surveillance

CDT Joins Global Encryption Coalition Letter Urging Belgian Government to Halt Legislation to Undermine End-to-End Encryption

On 29 September, the Center for Democracy & Technology joined 50 organizations and individual cybersecurity experts – including many members of the Global Encryption Coalition (GEC) – on an open letter to the Belgian Ministers with responsibilities for digital and law enforcement issues.

The Open letter calls on the Belgian government to drop law enforcement access requirements in the Draft law on the collection and storage of identification, traffic and location data in the electronic communications sector and their access by the authorities. These requirements would force operators of end-to-end encrypted systems to undermine encryption to provide access to user communications. There is no way to provide third party access to end-to-end encrypted data without undermining the security and privacy of all users.

Read the full open letter + the list of signatories at the GEC’s website.