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CDT Joins 50+ Human Rights Orgs in Sounding Alarm Against Iran’s ‘Draconian Internet Bill’

Iran’s “User Protection Bill” was ratified by Parliament last month, and CDT joins dozens of human rights organisations in calling for the full withdrawal of the legislation for its overt violations to Iranians’ rights to freedom of expression and privacy.

In a letter addressed to the parliament signatories point out, “Particularly alarming are provisions of the Bill that place Iran’s Internet infrastructure and Internet gateways under the control of the country’s armed forces and security agencies.” The bill also requires any tech companies to register in Iran and store data inside Iran, putting user data under monitoring and censorship of the Iranian authorities.

From the letter:

We, the undersigned human rights and civil society organisations, are alarmed by the Iranian parliament’s move to ratify the general outlines of the draconian ‘Regulatory System for Cyberspace Services Bill,’ previously known as the ‘User Protection Bill’ and referred to hereafter as ‘the Bill’. If passed, the Bill will violate an array of human rights of people in Iran, including the right to freedom of expression and right to privacy. We urge the Iranian authorities to immediately withdraw the Bill in its entirety. We further call on the international community, along with states engaged in dialogue with Iranian authorities, to ensure that the promotion and protection of human rights in Iran is prioritised, including by urging Iran’s parliament to rescind the Bill as a matter of urgency. 

Read the full letter + list of signatories here.