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CDT Comments to the OHCHR on Internet Shutdowns

We’ve pasted a portion of the comments to the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) below. Read the full comments here.


Online censorship is becoming more widespread and sophisticated. Partial shutdowns and pervasive censorship techniques are now difficult to circumvent and harden against from an internet architecture perspective. With the aim to clarify how censorship is exercised by governments, organisations or individuals to suppress end-user access to communication, CDT recently drafted an informational Internet draft aimed at designers, implementers and users of Internet protocols, documenting how technical measures are used to block or impair Internet traffic. It is crucial that private sector providers of internet services follow best practices and internet standards in an effort to make more resilient the networks that comprise the global internet for the sake of all users, everywhere.

We hope that this submission will inform efforts to advance the UN’s work on internet shutdowns and human rights.


Read the full comments here.