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Beyond Bright Shiny Objects: Childrenʼs Privacy

Last week, CDT President Leslie Harris participated in a panel on kids' privacy at Yale Law School's symposium "From Mad Men to Mad Bots: Advertising in the Digital Age." As part of that event, Leslie submitted a "thought piece" entitled "Beyond Bright Shiny Objects: Situating Childrenʼs Privacy within a Comprehensive Privacy Framework".

In this essay, Leslie argues that Congress shouldn't be lured by the temptation to promulgate new child- and teen-specific privacy laws. Such laws infringe upon adult privacy to the extent that they mandate age and identity verification, and also threaten minors' legitimate First Amendment rights. They also distract from the push for a privacy solution for everyone — minors and adults. Fundamentally, we are best served by a comprehensive approach that implements the Fair Information Practice Principles for all Americans, regardless of age.