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Privacy & Data

Awesome: CDT is Disconnect’s First Charity of the Month

Disconnect, a company that develops a range of open-source privacy and security software, has named CDT their charity of the month for March. Thank you!

As charity of the month, CDT is now the beneficiary of proceeds from Disconnect’s payment page, which features a pay what you want model. While CDT doesn’t endorse any product or service, if you do choose to use Disconnect, this would be an especially good month to want to pay more.

Disconnect, as is clearly stated in their mission, believes that your personal information should be your own. CDT strongly believes that users should be empowered to control their data. Through our work on consumer privacy issues and our engagement in the big data debates, we are committed to helping realize the value of big data, while also ensuring data is secure and privacy rights are respected.

Thank you to Disconnect’s founders Brian Kennish and Casey Oppenheim for including CDT in the mix for their charity of the month – and thank you to everyone who voted for us. We are honored to be Disconnect’s charity of the month and look forward to working with them to help find solutions to the privacy and security challenges of today’s digital world.