International Coalition Calls on Apple to Abandon Plan to Build Surveillance Capabilities into iPhones, iPads, and other Products

Congress Should Seize This Chance to Finally End Warrantless Searches of Americans’ Communications

Screenshot of open letter CDT joined - alongside EFF, Demand Progress, and two dozen others - urging Congress to support an amendment that would end Section 702 warrantless backdoor searches. White document on dark grey background.

CDT Joins EFF, Demand Progress, Others in Urging Congress to Support Amendment Ending Section 702 Warrantless Backdoor Searches

Screenshot of an open letter CDT signed, led by Amnesty International and Access Now, calling for a moratorium on the sale, transfer, and use of surveillance technology. Black bold text on a white background, with a bright yellow Amnesty logo.

CDT Joins Civil Society Orgs and Independent Experts Calling for Investigation and Regulation of the Sale, Transfer and Use of Surveillance Technology