Screenshot of an open letter CDT signed, led by Amnesty International and Access Now, calling for a moratorium on the sale, transfer, and use of surveillance technology. Black bold text on a white background, with a bright yellow Amnesty logo.

CDT Joins Civil Society Orgs and Independent Experts Calling for Investigation and Regulation of the Sale, Transfer and Use of Surveillance Technology

CDT Comments to U.S. ITC on Digital Censorship

EU Tech Policy Brief: June 2021 Recap

Screenshot of CDT Europe's joint civil society statement urging the IMCO Committee to uphold fundamental rights in the DSA. Ten organizational logos are displayed on top of a white background.

Joint Civil Society Statement Urges IMCO Committee to Uphold Fundamental Rights in the DSA

The DSA Introduces Important Transparency Obligations for Digital Services, but Key Questions Remain

Screenshot of the CDT Europe team's Overview of the Transparency Obligations for Digital Services in the DSA.

Overview of Transparency Obligations for Digital Services in the DSA

EU-U.S. Digital Deals Must Put Democracy First

EU Tech Policy Brief: May 2021 Recap

CDT Europe published on June 8, 2021 a joint civil society initiative urging members of the LIBE Committee to uphold key principles in the DSA. Screenshot of the title page of this letter.

CDT Europe Leads Civil Society Initiative Urging LIBE Committee to Uphold Key Principles in the DSA

CDT Staff to Tackle Hottest Issues in Tech at RightsCon 2021

European Plans to Regulate Internet Will Have Major Impacts on Civic Space at Home and Abroad

CDT Europe’s Response to the Council of Europe’s Ad hoc Committee on Artificial Intelligence (CAHAI) Consultation on a Legal Framework on AI