Strategies to Tackle Bossware’s Threats to the Health & Safety of Workers

CDT Signs Joint Letter Supporting an Open, Interconnected, & Interoperable Internet

A graphic detailing a CDT Europe event with GNI, entitled "How can we apply human rights due diligence standards to content moderation? Focus on the EU Digital Services Act." Event on July 29, 2021. Grey text on a while, orange, and blue background.

How can we apply human rights due diligence to content moderation? Focus on the EU Digital Services Act – Event Summary

Screenshot of a sign-on letter CDT joined, urging President Biden to appoint members to the Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board (PCLOB). White document on a dark grey background.

CDT Urges Biden To Appoint Members to PCLOB, Key Oversight Body

Protecting Student Privacy and Ensuring Equitable Algorithmic Systems in Education

Weaknesses in OSH Act Enforcement Mechanisms Limit Prevention of Bossware’s Harms

CDT Joins HRW, Other Civil Rights Orgs in Urging India to Investigate Illegal Use of Spyware, Push Reforms

Cybersecurity Best Practices Can Help School Staff Safeguard Student Data

International Coalition Calls on Apple to Abandon Plan to Build Surveillance Capabilities into iPhones, iPads, and other Products

Tech Talk: Apple Announcement — Talking Tech W/ Greg Nojeim and Mallory Knodel

Training Module: Cybersecurity in Education 101

CDT Tech Tales, a blog series that lifts up personal and professional stories around CDT's issues.

CDT Tech Tales: How Boulder Valley School District Effectively Engages Its Community