Reply Comments of CDT to the FCC on Broadband Framework

The Center for Democracy & Technology (CDT) respectfully submits these reply comments in response to the above captioned proceeding regarding the classification of broadband Internet access service. CDT is a nonprofit, public interest organization dedicated to preserving and promoting openness, innovation, and freedom on the decentralized Internet.

CDT has previously addressed many issues raised by commenters in this proceeding. For example, CDT has in prior filings addressed claims that applying a nondiscrimination principle would violate the First Amendment speech rights of Internet access providers; that the “third way” approach of Title II classification plus broad forbearance somehow leaves carriers more exposed to the risk of a hypothetical future Commission with a highly regulatory agenda; that Title II treatment is inconsistent with section 230; and that the Commission should “encourage” Internet access providers to take on the new role of actively policing the content of user communications.


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