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A Yale & Digital Interests Lab event, entitled "Digital Divide, Culture & Intersectionality." White text on a black background.

Governing Conversations
Yale Information Society Project and Digital Interests Lab event series

Digital Divide, Culture & Intersectionality
Date: June 30, 2022
Time: 1 PM EST – 2 PM EST

While ostensibly geared towards governance, the individual and societal levels are key to understanding how the digital divide affects access, accessibility, and (dis-)empowerment. Third level digital divide scholarship broadens our horizon by considering the socio-economic outcomes of different internet uses and non-uses, and tackles tech design as a lynchpin in choices made by disadvantaged users. Our panelists will focus on social groups and the different uses of technology, on the sociological aspects of internet access and use, and on the roles – both positive and negative – that societal structures and culture can play in shaping these experiences and their outcomes.



  • André Brock, Associate Professor, Georgia Tech University
  • Payal Arora, Professor, Erasmus University
  • Katy Pearce, Associate Professor, University of Washington

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