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The Future of Speech Online 2022 – #FOSO2022

When: Tuesday-Thursday, December 6-8, 2022, noon-2:30 PM Eastern daily

For the past 25 years, the landscape around content moderation and the liability of online intermediaries in the United States has been clear: Between the First Amendment and the foundational intermediary liability law Section 230, content hosts have been free to set and enforce their policies as they see fit, while being shielded from liability for most user-generated content.

At the Center for Democracy & Technology (CDT)’s sixth annual Future of Speech Online event, “The Supreme Court’s Pivotal Term,” we’ll explore the consequences of potential seismic shifts in this legal landscape. The Court is poised to consider multiple cases addressing the scope of protections for speech online this term, including its first-ever examination of Section 230. Decisions in those cases could seriously restrict online services’ ability to moderate content, while also exposing them to significant legal risk over users’ speech—a legal tightrope that could prove impossible to navigate.

Join us in December to deliberate over strategies for protecting online speech, and consider questions including: Is content moderation “censorship”, or a necessary part of responsible online content hosting? When should intermediaries be liable for speech posted by their users? Who should decide who gets to have access to major online platforms for speech? Throughout the event’s sessions, we’ll hear from legal experts, online services providers, advocates fighting against online hate and disinformation, and more.

Questions: To submit questions in advance, please contact us at [email protected]. Questions will be accepted during the event at [email protected] or via the chat feature.

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Hosted by the Center for Democracy & Technology and Stand Together Trust, the Future of Speech Online conference is an annual event that brings together policymakers, media, academics, corporations, advocates, and thought leaders to discuss today’s most pressing issues around free speech online. This year’s event will be virtual, with two-hour sessions happening Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, the 6th-8th of December. Participants are welcome to join every session or just a few.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at [email protected].