SFLC.in x Global Encryption Day – “Privacy V. Security, A flawed Perspective”





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CDT will be participating and helping lead Global Encryption Day in October 2021. Black text on white and yellow backgrounds, including Global Encryption Day's "Make the Switch" logo.

This event is a part of programming coordinated in the run-up to / on the day of Global Encryption Day (GED), led by the Global Encryption Coalition (GEC). Find additional events on or around GED – in the Americas, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia, Australia and the Pacific – on GED’s event page.


“Privacy V. Security, A flawed Perspective”
Hosted by SFLC.in

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This panel discussion seeks to analyze and simplify various aspects of encryption and its implications upon individual privacy vis-a-vis broader security and law-enforcement considerations for the detection, prevention and investigation of offences. The idea is to also explore how the two concepts can coexist and what are the considerations which are to be kept in mind while regulating the use of encryption.


  • Ms. Shivangi Nandkarni ( Co-founder and CEO, Arrka)
  • Mr. Samuel Woodhans (Digital Rights Lead Top10VPN)
  • Ms. Mallory Knodel (CTO, Center for Democracy and Technology)
  • Mr. Gus Hosein (Executive Director, Privacy International)
  • Prasanth Sugathan(Legal Director, SFLC.in)

Moderator: Mr. Abhinandan Sekri (Co- Founder, Newslaundry)

The livestream for this event can be found here.

Date: 20th October 2021
Time: 6PM IST   //   8.30 AM EST
Location: India