Privacy Now Hill Briefing




Senate Russell Building, Room SR-485

2 Constitution Ave NE, Washington, DC 20002

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Unregulated data collection and use in the United States has eroded public trust in companies to safeguard and use data responsibly. Irresponsible data practices lead to a broad range of harms, including discrimination in employment, health care, and advertising, data breaches, and loss of individuals’ control over personal information. The public needs and deserves strong and comprehensive federal legislation that will protect their privacy and afford meaningful redress, while preserving the ability of governments at all levels to play a role in privacy protection and enforcement.

Privacy Now, a broad coalition of privacy advocates, digital rights organizations, and civil rights groups has created a set of Public Interest Privacy Principles that any federal legislation must follow. Join us on January 31 as an expert panel presents the Principles and discusses ways to incorporate them into law.


  • Joe Jerome, Moderator – Policy Counsel, Center for Democracy and Technology
  • Amina Fazlullah – Digital Equity Counsel, Common Sense Media
  • Dylan Gilbert – Policy Fellow, Public Knowledge
  • Gaurav Laroia – Policy Counsel, Free Press
  • Laura Moy – Executive Director, Georgetown Law Center on Privacy & Technology

Coffee and pastries will be served.