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Technology experts are all over the country except on Capitol Hill, where they are needed most. Of the 3500 legislative staff in Congress, there are exactly *seven* that have an actionable technology background (though dozens are getting very smart, very quickly). Policymakers, the security community, and technology users all benefit when we embed real tech expertise on the Hill to inform discussion on critical issues like privacy, cybersecurity, and digital rights. The CFAA, DMCA, FOSTA are all examples of short-sighted laws written by people who didn’t realize the unintended consequences until it was too late. Security experts can help bridge the gap between government and the technology community by tapping into the tech policy API to become a voice for informed change within the legislative process.

This session at BSides Las Vegas explores ways for security professionals to engage policymakers through the real world experiences of two types of experts in this area. Travis Moore and Maurice Turner will talk about the amazing impact Tech Congress fellows are having by taking on one year placements in Congressional offices. Then we’ll hear from the other side of the equation as House Energy and Commerce Committee staffer, Jessica Wilkerson, talks about how she leverages security and technology industry experts to help educate her Committee Members and drive a more productive and informed discussion around security issues.


TRAVIS MOORE, Tech Congress

MAURICE TURNER, Center for Democracy & Technology

JESSICA WILKERSON, U.S. House Committee on Energy and Commerce