Educating Online While Keeping Students Safe: Responsible EdTech Use Amidst COVID-19





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CDT Webinar on March 17, 2021, entitled "Educating Online While Keeping Students Safe: Responsible EdTech Use Amidst COVID-19."

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Since COVID-19 first prompted campuses across the country to shutter their doors nearly a year ago, school leaders have drawn on education technologies (edtech) and student data use to facilitate ongoing instruction. Thoughtful tech plans and data governance policies are an essential part of using these tools responsibly and in a privacy-protective manner. As schools continue to navigate the ongoing pandemic, they should ensure that their tech and data practices keep students safe online while learning at home or in-person.

The Center for Democracy & Technology (CDT) is pleased to partner with Project Unicorn to present a webinar on responsible edtech and data use during COVID-19. Our conversation will feature Steven Langford, Chief Information Officer at Beaverton School District, where he’s leveraged school data and technology to support his students while navigating new privacy issues in the wake of the pandemic. Building on Steve’s experiences at Beaverton, we’ll discuss the importance of proactive digital strategies, interoperable data structures, effective engagement with teachers and parents, and consistent attention to privacy and security.

When: March 17, 11:00 am – 12 pm ET


Accessibility: If you have access needs or questions, please contact Timothy Hoagland (he/him), CDT Deputy Director of Communications, in advance of the event via email at [email protected].