CyFy 2020 – Democracy Bytes: By The People, Of The People, Against The People?





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CDT’s Chief Technology Officer Mallory Knodel joins CyFy 2020 to discuss elections & democracy. More info.

Democracy Bytes: By The People, Of The People, Against The People?

The Ballot Box and the Beast: Securing Our Elections Open societies find themselves increasingly vulnerable to malicious actors. Information flows and public opinion; political campaigns and individuals; systems for registration and voting; and related electoral infrastructure are all at risk from coordinated influence operations, both domestic and foreign. What legal frameworks, technological tools, and safeguards can democracies adopt to protect the sanctity of the polling booth?

  • Moderator: Arjun Jayakumar, Associate Fellow, ORF
  • Mallory Knodel, Chief Technology Officer, Center for Democracy and Technology
  • Dragana Kaurin, Founder, L10nLab
  • Daniel Dobrygowski, Head of Corporate Governance and Digital Trust, World Economic Forum
  • Nikhil Pahwa, Founder, Medianama