Computers, Freedom, and Privacy 2015

5000 Seminary Rd. Alexandria, VA 22311

October 12 , 2015

The Computers, Freedom, and Privacy Conference is the premier event examining the intersection of policy, technology, and action. The 25th anniversary CFP 2015 will feature events bringing together technologists, policy experts, and activists in forums designed to engage the public and policymakers in discussions about the information society and the future of technology, innovation, and freedom.

CFP 2015 will focus on the growing tensions between, on the one hand, maturing information technology and its benefit to innovation and free speech online and, on the other, the threat that technology poses in areas as diverse as consumer privacy, racially biased policing, political dissent worldwide and, indeed, to the teeming marketplace of digital speech and association enabled by that very technology.

Monday will be devoted to tutorials, birds-of-a-feather sessions, and other small meetings. The main program will begin the morning of Tuesday, October 13, and continue through the afternoon of Wednesday, October 14.

Event Info

Date: 12 Oct, 2015
Hilton Hotel
Place: 5000 Seminary Rd. Alexandria, VA 22311

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Event Info

Greg Nojeim
Alethea Lange