Always On: The Digital Consumer




Mission Bay Conference Center Fisher Banquet Room East

1675 Owens Street San Francisco

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Welcome to the age of the Internet of Things. Devices in our homes are connected to the Internet, our cars are starting to talk to each other wirelessly, and we are attaching mobile-enabled devices to our wrists to measure fitness. Awesome or scary? Most likely, a bit of both.

The Center for Democracy & Technology, and our co-host TRUSTe, invite you to “Always On: The Digital Consumer.” Always On will take a deep dive into the personal, policy, and privacy implications of being always connected — and having everything around you connected as well. We’ll explore how to realize the full potential of the Internet of Things, while maintaining our sense of self and control of our personal data.

This is CDT’s third installment of Always On, and we’re delighted to be co-hosting with TRUSTe to bring this series to the Bay Area for the first time. Each event features a fire-starter, whose brief speech is followed by small group discussions. Each event concludes with an expert panel informed by group feedback. Always On events serve as catalysts for future CDT programs, projects, and research.

Thursday, October 30, 2014
8:00 am, Breakfast & Networking
9:00-10:30 am, Program

Mission Bay Conference Center
Fisher Banquet Room East
1675 Owens Street
San Francisco

Event Program


Nuala O’Connor, President, CDT

Fire starter

Matt Rogers, Nest

Discussion Session

Each table will be tasked with answering 2-3 questions about technology in education, focusing on how data should be used, and the implications and privacy concerns stemming from different uses. Issues raised will inform the following discussion.

Moderated Discussion: Digging Deeper

Moderated by Michelle Quinn, Mercury News

Chris Babel, TRUSTe

Michelle De Mooy, CDT

Joanne McNabb, California Attorney General’s Office

Mark Nagel, AT&T Foundry

About Always On:

The Center for Democracy & Technology is hosting a series of interactive discussions relating to various aspects of digital life, with a particular focus on emerging technologies and the transformation of traditional industries into technology and data companies.

Each event, limited to 125 participants, will feature brief remarks by a technology, business, or policy thought leader; followed by facilitated roundtable discussions involving all participants; and will close with panel-led outcomes and proposals.

The events will not only generate reports to capture the outcomes of these initial discussions, but will also serve as the catalyst for a deeper, multidisciplinary engagement to delve into the topics described below. These will operate under CDT’s established working group structure, bringing together industry, advocates, government, academia, and the technology community, with the goal of developing best practices and standards for policy leaders in government and the private sector.