Adam Rosenberg will moderate a panel at the Politics Online 2010 Conference

Heather West will speak on a panel at the Politics Online 2010 Conference entitled "Clear as Day: How Technology is Revolutionizing the Way the Government Communicates and Works."

This panel will focus on the various facets, activities, and pros and cons that come with more transparency and openness in government.  With the Obama administration pushing the Open Government Directive and integrating new ways of engaging citizens, we will aim to discuss whether this is enough or maybe too much.  The panel will aim to answer the following questions:
-What is the government doing right now to be more transparent?  What part do participation and collaboration play?
-Where does openness become too open and threaten privacy?
-Where should the government be LESS transparent?
-Does the burden of increasing transparency in the government rely on the administration itself or should citizens and organizations be carrying the flag?

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