Recap: CDT Storms SXSW Interactive 2015

Written by Tim Hoagland

IMG_9582_sm CDT staff was in full force this past weekend for Austin’s SXSW Interactive 2015 – with six speakers as well as a variety of additional staff taking part in eight events (including a secret meeting, details below), it was an whirlwind weekend crammed full with thought leadership, networking, learning –– and certainly plenty of Texas-sized fun. Some of our issue directors lead some incredible panels:

  • Government Surveillance: How You Can Change It – with Harley Geiger, Senior Counsel & Advocacy Director
  • “Privacy Matters: Baking Privacy into Your Apps” – with Gautam Hans, Policy Counsel
  • “When Should Privacy Trump Free Speech?” – with Emma Llanso, Director, Project on Free Expression
  • “The Changing Privacy Landscape” – with Nuala O’Connor, President & CEO
  • “Creepy or Cool: Privacy Risks & Social Norms” – with Joseph Lorenzo Hall, Chief Technologist

(Just a note – audio of the other four sessions are unavailable as of right now – we’ll update if/when they’re posted correctly). IMG_9593 We also hosted a few awesome social events as well, partnering with the R Street Institute for a “Technology Policy Happy Hour” and collaborating on the “Take Back Your Internet” Unofficial Party, presented by Golden Frog. Nuala_Snowden2 In addition to the incredible panels and glorious happy hours, Nuala was invited to a small gathering to talk with NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden. More details of what was discussed were reported by the Verge. Check our more of what CDT did at SXSW on our Google+ page – from Grumpy Cat to discussions on cybersecurity & privacy, CDT was on it! Until next year… SXSW_party   GE BBQ Research_Nuala   CDTStaff_VRexperience   Nuala_Ben_Wizner_ACLU

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