Chertoff’s Defense of REAL ID is “Dead Wrong”

Department of Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff has a hard job. Among other things, it’s his responsibility to make sure that our country isn’t attacked by terrorists and that undocumented immigrants don’t cross our borders. So it’s understandable when he vociferously defends his Department’s efforts at “protecting the homeland.” But it’s inexcusable when the guy is simply…

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Consumer (Dis)Comfort With Online Tracking

In privacy debates about online advertising, the focus is most often on consumers. Consumers love free content, the advertisers and ad networks say. They say consumers are willing to have their online activities analyzed and categorized, because an ad for a minivan that lands in front of a soccer mom is valuable, and valuable ads are what support the…

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Craigslist Win Good for Free Speech, But Court Creates Murky “Section 230” Precedent

Last December CDT and several other organizations submitted a friend-of-the-court (“amicus“) brief urging the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals to uphold a lower court decision in favor of We are happy to report that on March 14 the federal appeals court did just that: it ruled that Craigslist can’t be held liable for discriminatory housing ads…

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CDT Mourns the Passing of Marv Johnson

Free speech lost a devoted defender late last week. Marv Johnson, who had fought to protect free speech at the American Civil Liberties Union for much of his professional career, passed away after a long struggle with illness. We, and everyone at CDT, mourn the loss of Marv. We will miss his quick wit and…

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NextGov Blog

This week, Government Executive launched a new site called NextGov about technology issues in government. I’ve been asked to blog for them about privacy and other related issues. Today, I have a post up in the Tech Insider section about the State Department’s continued privacy violations. Go check it out!

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Google-DoubleClick is a Done Deal. Now What?

CDT has been suggesting that the Google/DoubleClick merger simply heightened existing concerns on what the industry as a whole is doing. The recent reaction to Phorm’s testing in Britiain and growth in ISP ad targeting industry shows that remains true today. However, we were hoping that the FTC or the EU would ask Google to…

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Sunshine Week Celebrates New FOIA Amendments

Yesterday, I attended the First Annual Freedom of Information Day Celebration at American University’s Washington College of Law (WCL) to kick off Sunshine Week (March 16-22), which celebrates government transparency and freedom of information. Each year Sunshine Week coincides with the birthday (March 16) of James Madison, who famously wrote in 1822: “A popular government without popular information or…

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Happy Sunshine Week!

Sunshine week, celebrated nationwide, is dedicated to open government, with events surrounding Freedom of Information and government transparency. Sunshine Week 2008 this year includes some great talks happening in Washington, D.C. and around the country, all focused on the concept of government openness. Yesterday was the National Freedom of Information Day, held on James Madison’s birthday; Madison was…

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