Location, Location, Location

Earlier this week, I had the pleasure of participating on a panel about location-based services at the FTC’s town hall meeting, Beyond Voice: Mapping the Mobile Marketplace. Now that the number of U.S. consumers who own a mobile device has outpaced the number of U.S. Internet users, the policy issues in the mobile space are taking on increased…

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No-go on GOFA

Today, CDT posted an updated memorandum on the most recent version of the Global Online Freedom Act (“GOFA“). GOFA was first introduced by Rep. Christopher Smith (R-NJ) several years ago in response to troubling reports of company complicity in Internet censorship and cooperation in prosecutions of dissidents who posted political material online….

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Getting a Jump on CFP ’08

Early Bird Registration for the Computers, Freedom and Privacy Conference is up on Friday and, if you’re like me, you probably haven’t registered yet. So here is your reminder… go register! It looks like a great conference — John Morris and I are speaking from CDT. Here are all the details: COMPUTERS, FREEDOM, AND PRIVACY: TECHNOLOGY POLICY ’08 18th Annual…

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Chertoff Disagrees with the Rest of His Agency, Again

Nine days ago, Sophia Cope blogged about how Homeland Secretary Secretary Michael Chertoff suggested that REAL IDs cannot be skimmed, in sharp contrast to DHS REAL ID Regs, which clearly say that the REAL ID is at risk of skimming. Today, CDT Fellow Peter Swire blogged on the Center for American Progress Web site about a new…

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Chertoff’s Defense of REAL ID is “Dead Wrong”

Department of Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff has a hard job. Among other things, it’s his responsibility to make sure that our country isn’t attacked by terrorists and that undocumented immigrants don’t cross our borders. So it’s understandable when he vociferously defends his Department’s efforts at “protecting the homeland.” But it’s inexcusable when the guy is simply…

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Consumer (Dis)Comfort With Online Tracking

In privacy debates about online advertising, the focus is most often on consumers. Consumers love free content, the advertisers and ad networks say. They say consumers are willing to have their online activities analyzed and categorized, because an ad for a minivan that lands in front of a soccer mom is valuable, and valuable ads are what support the…

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Craigslist Win Good for Free Speech, But Court Creates Murky “Section 230” Precedent

Last December CDT and several other organizations submitted a friend-of-the-court (“amicus“) brief urging the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals to uphold a lower court decision in favor of We are happy to report that on March 14 the federal appeals court did just that: it ruled that Craigslist can’t be held liable for discriminatory housing ads…

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