No Funding for a National “REAL ID” Database?

Congress couldn’t get its act together in time to pass a proper appropriations bill for the 2009 fiscal year. Instead, last weekend it passed a continuing resolution (CR) to fund the federal government – for homeland security purposes at least – until March. Perhaps not surprisingly, there was an allocation of $100 million to fund REAL ID, the…

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Phishing: If You Suspect Deceit, Just Hit Delete!

Consumer Reports has released a new video, as part of their WebWatch project, with a song and good advice about phishing and Internet scams. I’m not sure that ‘if you suspect deceit, just hit delete!’ will ever catch on as a widespread slogan, but it’s certainly fun. What is phishing? Phishing is when scammers send out…

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Intellectual Property Enforcement Legislation Heads to President

As the news focuses on negotiations over financial bailout legislation, congressional staff and Members who aren’t neck-deep in that issue are working behind the scenes to see if they can push other bills over the finish line before Congress leaves town to campaign. One bill that is now on its way to the President, after passing the Senate on…

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Technology, Internet Policy Suggestions for Next President, Congress

War, financial crisis and the fate of a nation hanging in the balance. It sounds like a back-of-the-envelope outline for a spy novel, but it’s actually the current political climate in the U.S. Given that, it’s no surprise that discussion of Internet and technology issues is adrift, and that civil liberties protection has been pushed to the margins during…

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AT&T, Verizon Back Opt-In Approach for Behavioral Advertising

Earlier this week, we set out our wish list for what we hoped to hear from witnesses during today’s Senate Commerce Committee hearing on behavioral advertising as this emerging online marketing practice comes under congressional scrutiny. We are pleased that the telecom companies testifying today, AT&T and Verizon, appear headed in the right direction. Both companies…

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A National “REAL ID” Database Is Not the Answer

Back in January I wrote an op-ed criticizing the Department of Homeland Security for flirting with the idea of creating a national ID database to implement the REAL ID Act. While CDT has been supporting the repeal of REAL ID or its major amendment, we believe that, should the law stand, it must be implemented responsibly. The

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What to Listen for During Hearing on Re-write of FBI Investigation Guidelines

On September 23, the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence will conduct a hearing on new Attorney General Guidelines governing FBI investigations and the collection of domestic intelligence. The Department of Justice first issued guidelines governing FBI investigations in 1974 and has loosened them virtually every time it has re-visited those guidelines. Now, Justice is

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Comcasts Spells Out Congestion Management Plans

Back in March, CDT welcomed Comcast’s announcement that it would move to a “protocol agnostic” technique for managing network congestion. No technical details were provided, but the announcement certainly seemed to imply that the new technique would steer clear of singling out particular protocols, services, or content for inferior treatment. In other words, it would avoid the kind behavior…

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It’s OneWebDay in D.C.

Today is the third annual “Earth Day for the Internet,” and there are events all over the country celebrating the Internet, and I hope that you attend one or find a way to help. I’ve just come from an event in D.C. discussing the policy challenges facing the Internet and the ways that the Internet has enhanced the…

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