IG: Lack of Enforcement Places Health Information at High Risk

Ineffective oversight has led to “numerous, significant vulnerabilities” in the system that safeguards electronic protected health information (EPHI), according to a government report released last week. In addition, the report found that the agency charged with oversight of HIPAA’s Security Rule had not conducted a single compliance review nor levied any civil penalties at the time…

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Global Internet Freedom Through Government Leadership

The Election of the Century is just a day away. Lots of things are on the electorate’s mind, but we here at CDT hope the next president – whomever he is – devotes considerable attention to one last major issue: global Internet freedom. What is Global Internet Freedom? Whether you call it global Internet freedom, digital human rights, or something else,…

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Laptop Search Hit Rate: Only 1.4%

The overwhelming majority of laptop searches at the border turn up no evidence of crime, according data presented by Deputy Commissioner of Customs and Border Protection, Jayson P. Ahern. At a panel discussion on October 20, Ahern revealed that of the 169 laptops searched at the border in August 2008, only two were seized – a mere 1.4% “hit…

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Google Settles Lawsuit with Book Publishers and Authors

Google, the Authors Guild, and the Association of American Publishers announced a tentative settlement yesterday in the class action lawsuit over Google’s efforts to create a search engine for books. It’s a long settlement and there is plenty to read through and analyze. But on first blush, it appears that there is a lot to be enthusiastic about from…

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Next President Has “Open” Opportunity

The next president has the chance to make his administration the most transparent in history. In our agenda for the next president, we have urged the next administration to reach for this goal. The public has the right to know much of the information collected, disseminated and maintained by the government, but currently there is a presumption to…

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Global Network Initiative Launched

This week, a diverse coalition of leading information and communications companies, major human rights organizations, academics, investors and technology leaders launched the Global Network Initiative. The initiative seeks to help information and telecommunications companies chart an ethical and accountable path forward through the growing demands from countries to take actions that infringe on the freedom of expression and…

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e-Rulemaking: Status and Future

A new wave of interest has been building around e-Rulemaking, and the ABA has released a report on the topic by a star-studded committee. I’ve written about before, as they unveiled new, citizen-centric features to make the site easier to use for the public. The newly released report, and those speaking about it, have both praise…

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PAYD: Privacy And Your Driving

Major car insurance companies, such as Progressive and GMAC, have recently begun offering "pay-as-you-drive" (PAYD) programs. To participate, drivers connect a device to their vehicle that monitors mileage, speed, time of day, hard braking, quick accelerations, and other data points. This information can be sent wirelessly to the insurance company, and drivers’ premiums are adjusted…

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National Dialogue on Health Information Technology and Privacy

Health information technology – including electronic medical records, electronic health information exchange, and personal health records – have the potential to dramatically improve our health care system. Survey data shows that the public clearly wants electronic access to their health information – both for themselves and their health care providers. At the same time, people have significant concerns about…

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