Retro is a “No Go” When Privacy Rights Are Involved

What do disco music, eight-track audio systems and beta videocassette tapes all have in common? They’re all examples of technologies and fads that have come and gone since the Privacy Act of 1974 was last updated. Yesterday, the NIST Information Security and Privacy Advisory Board, tasked with identifying emerging managerial, technical, administrative, and physical safeguard issues relative to information…

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Library Filtering Rears its Head… And it’s Ugly Again

CDT and the Electronic Frontier Foundation filed a "friend of the court" brief late last week in a case in Washington State challenging a refusal by a local library system to "unblock" or remove content filtering software that blocks library users' access to lawful Internet websites. We argued that the refusal to unblock violates the First Amendment, as…

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The Incredible Lightness of Transparency

It’s been 120 days since President Obama signed a memorandum asking for unprecedented openness in government. This day-one transparency memo required that OMB, GSA, and the federal CTO would provide the president with recommendations for an Open Government Directive today. While the day is not yet over, it looks like these open government recommendations, ironically, aren’t being…

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Pushed Into a Corner, Craigslist Bites Back

South Carolina Attorney General Henry McMaster learned an important lesson today: You don’t push Craigslist into a corner and then poke it with a sharp stick because Craigslist will bite back. Tired of being harassed, browbeat and legally threatened, Craigslist today sued McMaster asking a federal court seeking declaratory relief and a restraining order with…

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“Chain of Trust” Initiative Launched as Groups Weigh In

The Anti-Spyware Coalition (ASC), National Cybersecurity Alliance (NCSA), and led a public workshop yesterday to launch a new collaborative effort to combat malicious software. The “Chain of Trust” initiative is built on the fundamental principle that the only way to combat a global problem like this is to bring everyone involved to the…

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The DMCA and Carterphone’s B-Side

The Copyright Office recently held its triennial hearings on exemptions to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act’s prohibition on circumventing technical protection measures for copyrighted works. The Office is charged under the DMCA with issuing exemptions for specific classes of works where non-infringing uses will be adversely affected by the prohibition. For most of the classes…

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Groups Launch “Chain of Trust” Initiative to Combat Malware

Three of the world’s leading cybersecurity groups are launching a new initiative to combat malicious software or “malware” by establishing a “Chain of Trust” among all of the organizations and individuals that play a role in securing the Internet. Developed by the Anti-Spyware Coalition (ASC), National Cybersecurity Alliance (NCSA) and, the Chain of Trust Initiative will link together security…

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