Number Crunch

How the Internet is running out of room, and what we must do about it "CDT Fellows Focus" is a series from CDT that presents the views of other notable experts on tech policy issues. This week, CDT Fellow Jonathan Zittrain and Leslie Daigle write about the end of IPv4 address space. Guest posts featured in "CDT Fellows' Focus" don't necessarily…

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CDT’s Jim Dempsey Discusses ECPA Reform with Google and US Attorney (Audio)

On Wednesday, Jim Dempsey, CDT Vice President for Public Policy, appeared on NPR's Forum where he discussed electronic surveillance law with Google's Richard Salgado, Assistant US Attorney Matthew Parrella, and Forum host Michael Krasny. The discussion lasted about an hour and included a great Q&A with listeners. If you're trying to learn more about the state of US surveillance…

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Free Speech Traitors or Good Corporate Actors?

The WikLleaks saga polarizes nearly everything that stumbles into its orbit.  Businesses–seeking to distance themselves from the taint of a scandal–have scrambled to find plausible ways to sever whatever WikiLeaks ties they might have.  Those moves have been cheered or shouted down, depending on what side of the Wikileaks line you stand. "The problem is, the truth lies…

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Know Your Genetic Privacy Rights

Your genes contain information that literally defines who you are.  Scientists are eagerly exploring new benefits of that data, while policymakers are taking steps to ensure it is not misused.  What are the risks associated with genetic privacy?  What are your rights? Recently, the Council for Responsible Genetics published a "Genetic Privacy Manual." The online guide is…

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Ask CDT Video Answers: Health Privacy

Last week, Deven McGraw, director of CDT’s Health Privacy Project, took readers’ questions on health privacy for “Ask CDT.” Below, Deven answers health privacy questions via video. To see all of the questions and Deven’s written responses, visit “Ask CDT: Health Privacy”.

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The Courts Boldly Go Fourth: Rulings Validate Digital Due Process

Over the last couple of days, two federal appeals court decisions have concluded that the key federal statute setting standards for government surveillance has not kept up with technological progress and that the Constitution demands more. The CDT-led Digital Due Process (DDP) coalition has been fighting for reform of that statute, the Electronic Communications Privacy Act (ECPA),…

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Gawker Breach Victims Aided by Unexpected Allies (Updated)

If you read blogs at all you have probably heard of Gawker Media. The megablog is the umbrella for some of the most successful blog domains on the Web, including Gizmodo, Lifehacker, Kotaku, Jalopnik, ValleyWag, Deadspin, Jezebel, ion and others. The blogs all use a centralized commenting system, allowing for the use of a single username and password for…

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CDT Launches Page On Getting Your Medical Records

How can I get a copy of my medical records? What if I think my record is inaccurate? What are the basic steps I should take to protect the records I obtain? Patients have been asking questions like these for years, sometimes with mixed results. Some patients, for example, report that their request for a copy of their own records…

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