CDT Comments on Potential ‘Game Changer’ Consumer Privacy Bill

Today, CDT submitted comments on the staff discussion draft of long-awaited consumer privacy legislation that was released May 3, 2010 by Chairman Boucher and Ranking Member Stearns. CDT has long called for a flexible baseline consumer privacy law that would protect consumers from inappropriate collection and misuse of their personal information, both online…

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Facebook Retools Privacy Procedures

After months of privacy missteps and growing user unrest Facebook today pressed the reset button on its user privacy controls, announcing a set of simpler, top-level privacy controls that allow users to make informed and meaningful choices about how their personal information is shared and accessed by others, including applications. The new controls…

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Revisting the Communications Act

The chairmen of the House and Senate Committees with jurisdiction over communications law announced earlier this week  that they will begin a process to update the Communications Act.  It's a timely step; April's federal court decision overturning a 2008 Federal Communications Commission slap on the wrist to Comcast raises serious questions about the extent of…

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Google Launches Feature to Protect Search from Spying

During the press doldrums of Friday afternoon, Google announced that users can now use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption to protect their searches from spying by unsavory third parties. While this new feature didn’t make the same waves as Google TV and the new Android platform update Froyo, the product launch…

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The Trouble with Privacy Controls

How often do you check your privacy settings on the social networks you're a member of? How often do you visit said privacy settings and are quickly frightened away by the countless switches, buttons, and toggles that would make even a submarine captain blanch? It's not easy to take back your privacy these days. One often…

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Cybersecurity Straight Talk: Beyond Digital Armageddon

The political public debate over U.S. cybersecurity policy over the last few years has produced chilling sound bites like “electronic Pearl Harbor,” “digital Armageddon,” and even “cyber 9/11.”  And despite the clarion calls for “action” that inevitably flow from these phrases, such heated rhetoric does not lend itself to nuanced and focused policymaking.  Perhaps that’s why I…

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PrivacyCamp SF and the Privacy API

Last week, CDT organized the first West Coast PrivacyCamp, focused on privacy in social networks. The turnout was great – with representatives attending from Twitter, Google, EFF, ACLU, Rapleaf and many other Silicon Valley standouts. Following the agenda-setting process of previous camps, we convened twice during the day to determine the morning and afternoon break-out discussions. …

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Faster FOIA Act Passes Senate

Last Thursday, the Senate unanimously pass the Faster FOIA Act, a bill that would establish a commission to study the delays endemic to the FOIA system. This would be particularly helpful to agencies, given that President Obama's Open Government Directive requires agencies to put forth plans to reduce agency FOIA request backlogs by 10% each year, but the…

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