Do You Know “I Can Stalk U”?

The following is a guest post provided by Ben Jackson and Larry Pesce. They are the creators of I Can Stalk U, a website that uses information from geo-tagged photos that have been uploaded to the Internet to expose people's locations. Their goal is to raise awareness about the potential risks of instantly…

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First Amendment Shell Game

Last week, Senator Al Franken said Internet neutrality is “the First Amendment issue of our time.” Franken’s statement comes as Internet service providers—including giants like AT&T, Time Warner and Verizon—have argued for what amounts to the “cable-ization” of the Net in the FCC Internet neutrality proceeding. Cable-izing the Internet would give ISPs editorial discretion over the content carried on their network,…

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The U.A.E./BlackBerry Privacy Dustup Affects Us All

Governments of countries including the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and India have recently insisted on the need for access to users' BlackBerry messages for security purposes. If BlackBerry maker Research in Motion (RIM) doesn't comply with various government demands, it could be shut out of these lucrative…

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Your Great Granddaddy Had Syphilis And Now Everyone Knows It

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) wants to remove health information privacy protections from people who have been dead for 50 years. HHS issued  a proposed rule to update health privacy regulations, and most of their modifications were quite positive from a privacy perspective. However, this idea is as weird and terrible

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CDT to Appear at pii2010 Conference in Seattle

In just two weeks, I'll be presenting in Seattle at Tech Policy Central's pii2010 conference. "pii" in this case stands for privacy, identity and innovation.  I'm looking forward to talking with identity thought leaders about how emerging technologies and business models are impacting data creation, sharing and aggregation, and how to strike a balance between protecting sensitive information and…

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UAE, BlackBerry Fight Highlights Global Internet Freedom Risks

The New York Times recently reported that the United Arab Emirates is preparing to suspend the use of BlackBerry mobile services unless Research in Motion (RIM), the Canadian corporation that provides those services, agrees to get “in line with UAE telecommunications regulations,” by making unspecified accommodations to allow for government surveillance. The ban extends to BlackBerry devices…

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Closing Pandora’s Box

Last night, Pandora announced on their blog that they are taking all their users through a new interface to choose privacy settings for sharing information on its popular music listening site.  We think this is a big deal for consumers, and we’re glad to see Pandora taking affirmative steps to put users in control of their privacy.

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