A Good Day for Health Privacy

Today’s Health IT News was focused on the Health IT Policy Committee’s discussions about adding some flexibility to the criteria that health care providers and hospitals will have to meet in order to be “meaningfully using” health IT.  Only “meaningful users” are eligible for to receive federal funds under the stimulus legislation (ARRA) to purchase electronic health records.     That…

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Buzz or Bust (Guest Blog Post)

CDT President Leslie Harris has a column in the Huffington Post discussing the recent "buzz" (no pun intended) surrounding the launch of Google Buzz.  As you're probably aware, Google's social network-like application was immediately panned by many Gmail users because of questionable privacy practices.  Within days of the launch, Google was making statements and tweaking Buzz based…

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The Buzz over at Google

Recently, Google launched Buzz, its own social media application that gives users – a new way to interact with a social network of statuses updates similar those found on Facebook and Twitter. The public backlash started almost immediately with Buzz users complaining about hard to understand privacy controls and their address books seemingly exposed to all of their…

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America’s Top Consumer Protection Cop Needs Better Weapons in its Arsenal

Federal Trade Commission Chairman Jon Leibowitz urged Congress to give the FTC the tools it needs to effectively protect consumers, particularly against financial fraud, in the 21st century economy at a Senate Commerce Committee hearing yesterday. The FTC is the top cop on the beat, but it is hard to police without adequate weapons. Specifically, Leibowitz urged Congress to…

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More Thoughts from State of the Net 2010

One of the most highly anticipated panels at last week’s State of the Net Conference was the Judith Krug Memorial Intellectual Freedom Panel, entitled “Global Free Expression: Will the Internet Reign or Get Reined In?”. Held less than one week after Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s widely-lauded speech on global Internet freedom and less…

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CDT Health Privacy Project Director Deven McGraw Honored

CDT's Health Privacy Project Director Deven McGraw today received the HIPAA Summit Distinguished Service Award in recognition of her efforts to address the complex privacy issues associated with the growing use of health IT. Organizers of the HIPAA Summit said in a statement:   Ms. McGraw is active in efforts to advance the adoption and implementation of…

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The Internet and 21st Century Statecraft

CDT President Leslie Harris' ABC News column examines two remarkable events in the development of the Internet that took place in January: Google taking a principled stand against Chinese censorship and Secretary of State HIllary Clinton's speech elevating the Net to major foreign policy player.   Harris' column looks at the what must happen next, now that the world has…

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“Exploring Privacy” with the FTC

At the second in a series of “Exploring Privacy” roundtables held by the Federal Trade Commission, academics, privacy advocates and companies pushed hard for the FTC to take up the reigns of regulating abuses of consumer trust and violations of consumer privacy on the Web. Here are four key points gleaned from today’s FTC Privacy roundtable sessions: Baseline privacy…

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