A Bad Turn in Belarus

In December, Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko announced plans to tighten restrictions on the Internet, further extending the government’s already draconian control over online media. Reporters Without Borders has some new details about the Internet regulation.  The new bill would require registration and governmental approval of all online publications and websites, which would be monitored by an executive…

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Google and China: GNI statement and a round-up of coverage

The Global Network Initiative put up a statement today in response to Google’s decision to reevaluate its ability to do business in China.  The statement says in part: Google’s decision to reconsider its business in China is an indication of the tough choices information and communications technology companies face around the world where respect for human rights is…

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The “Google Ultimatum”

While the end game has yet to be played in the Google vs. Chinese government standoff, one thing is for sure:  this whole episode is a slam dunk to become a case study on how to do business in challenging foreign markets. CDT President Leslie Harris writes in her latest Huffington Post column:  Make…

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FCC Asks for Comments on Privacy Issues Outlined by CDT

The FCC's National Broadband Plan was granted a month extension by Congress.  The Commission is using the extension, in part, to put out an official call for comments on a range of important privacy issues that were first outlined by CDT in a letter to the agency.  In announcing its formal call for…

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Ari Schwartz Op-Ed in The Hill

Ari Schwartz has an op-ed in The Hill today discussing the need for clear privacy definitions from state AGs and the FTC.  The piece is a response to and Op-Ed by Randall Rothenberg, the President of the Interactive Advertising Bureau.  Schwartz writes:   "Rothenberg misrepresents a joint report issued by the Center for Democracy & Technology (CDT) and Center for…

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Leslie Harris on ABC News’ Ahead of the Curve

CDT President Leslie Harris appeared on ABC News' Ahead of the Curve where she discussed our "Take Back Your Privacy" campaign and the need for privacy laws to protect people both on and offline. She also discussed what is on the Congressional horizon with respect to privacy legislation. Your privacy is inherently your right and your decision…

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CDT Announces Three New Board Members

CDT today announced the election of three new board members: Jill Lesser, Deirdre K. Mulligan and Ira Rubinstein. The new board members will bring a wealth of experience and insight to CDT as well as advance the organization's mission of keeping the Internet open, innovative and free by providing new perspectives and knowledge. A little more about the new board…

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Geek Dad: Five Resolutions for the Responsible Internet User

Call it a "holistic" approach to the New Year:  body, soul and online privacy.  For advice on those first two, well, you're on your own; however, when it comes to the "health" of your online privacy, there we can definitely weigh in.  And we have.  CDT's New Media Manager Adam Rosenberg penned "Five New Year's…

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Court Appears Skeptical of Broad FCC Authority

CDT has long expressed significant concern about the FCC asserting a broad concept of regulatory authority over Internet related matters. When President Obama was preparing to take office, we highlighted this specific concern in our transition memo on Internet neutrality. Based on the Comcast Corporation v. FCC oral argument held this morning, the D.C. Circuit seems to…

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