CDT Softball Team Edges ACLU

Thought this wrap up from our softball team’s victory over ACLU from yesterday would be a good change of pace for Friday. Enjoy! In a striking, improbable, spectacular turn of events, the “Fleeting Expletives” defeated the ACLU’s “F’n A’s” on the Mall last night in moonlit game, long after the last fans had exited the stadium! Things had been looking…

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A Couple Letters on I.P.

The jury is very much still out on how the Obama Administration will approach intellectual property issues in the online environment. That’s not a complaint — I understand it has a few other things on its plate, like, say, health care reform, Afghanistan, the economy, and so forth. But CDT and some allies sent two letters this…

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“Internet Governance:” The Contribution of the IGF

Over the past several years, there has been a debate internationally about who “governs” the Internet. The debate has at various times displayed a deep confusion about what Internet governance is. Too much of the debate has focused on the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), which has responsibility for only a very small portion…

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(Digital) Sign of the Times

Recently, I attended the Personal Democracy Forum in New York City and, it being New York, I took a lot of cabs. While distances and speeds of trips varied, the one constant was each cab having a television monitor in the backseat, which in addition to displaying news and city information ran a constant carousel of product advertisements….

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Yahoo! protects user privacy — and gets fined?

In March of this year, a Belgian court entered judgment in a criminal case against Yahoo! and fined the company for refusing to hand over user data to Belgian law enforcement authorities under Belgian law. The catch? Yahoo! has no subsidiary, employees or localized website in Belgium. The request — sent via email by a Belgian prosecutor…

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Surveillance Program Overly Secret and Its Importance Overblown

A report released today by the Inspectors General of key intelligence agencies shows that the warrantless surveillance program authorized by President Bush was overly secret, its importance overstated, and its product underutilized. While the report reveals new tidbits about the President’s personal involvement in the surveillance activities, it leaves unanswered many questions about the scope of the program,…

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CRS Weekly Report: The Social Security Number

The Congressional Research Service is a $100 million a year think tank that researches and writes informative and non-partisan reports on topics suggested by members of Congress. The catch–and the reason you might not have read their work–is that CRS reports are only made easily available to members of Congress. Citizens can request these reports from lawmakers, but without…

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Online Activism Isn’t Dead

The social and political impact of the Internet is growing at a rapid pace. After all of the successes credited to President Obama’s social media campaign network in last fall’s election, we still find ourselves at the earliest stages of development of the social layer of the Net.  Still, some are quick to dismiss the activist power of the…

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