CDT’s Ari Schwartz on “To The Point” Today

CDT's Ari Schwartz appeared on "To the Point" this afternoon discussing how the recent security breach at the White House affects the push for a more open and transparent government.  You can listen to the program on KCRW's website here. 

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Grappling with the Smart Grid

Our nation's electrical grid is getting a makeover. This new "Smart Grid" promises lower energy costs for consumers, increased use of green technology and stronger defenses against computer-based attacks. But there is a fair amount of risk riding shotgun with those rewards.   In a new Huffington Post piece, CDT President Leslie Harris outlines the unresolved privacy issues arising from the…

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CDT Statement on Facebook’s New Privacy Settings

CDT has long called for granular controls like the ones Facebook has introduced; today, Facebook answered the call.  Facebook today moved away from a system in which a user's information could automatically be shared with an entire regional network often without the user's understanding. They've additionally incorporated a new set of user controls and changed default…

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Online Behavioral Advertising Industry’s Self Regulation: A CDT Policy Post

We recently published a policy post on our Web site that addresses the significant privacy concerns raised by online behavioral advertising. The policy post analyzes some of the shortcomings of current regulatory frameworks and provides specific recommendations for improving consumer privacy protections in this space. We hope privacy continues to receive the attention it deserves.    Check out our policy post…

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Obama’s Open Government Initiative Gets Underway

This morning, U.S. CIO Vivek Kundra and U.S. CTO Aneesh Chopra released the Open Government Directive. The open government community has been waiting for almost a year for this memo and it looks like a very promising framework for agencies. Though the memo was released at an event where both a CIO and CTO starred, the Open…

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White House Set to Release Open Government Plan Today

Last night, the White House sent word announcing some exciting news – the Open Government Plan (based on the Open Government Directive) will be released today, at 11am EST. This helps fulfill a promise that the Obama administration made on day one when the President took office.  We’re excited that agencies will be able to dive into…

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Google DNS Service Warrants a Watchful Yawn

There has been a kerfuffle in the tech policy world in the past few days about Google’s new DNS service offering.  The Domain Name System is the lookup directory system that seamlessly converts human-readable Internet addresses (like "") into the actual numeric "Internet Protocol" addresses that are used to reach the computers designated by particular domain names…

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FTC Roundtables on Privacy and Technology

Today the FTC begins hosting their series of day-long public roundtable discussions to explore the privacy challenges posed by new technology and business practices that collect and use consumer data. These discussions are being aired on a live webcast courtesy of the FTC and are a great opportunity for privacy advocates to make a public statement about the…

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Illegal Internet Downloads: 3 Strikes and You’re Out?

There are no quiet days here at CDT and today is no exception. Our CEO Leslie Harris has a guest column on ABC’s "Ahead of the Curve" discussing the extreme measures some countries are taking to curb digital copyright issues and how they may impact domestic policy on this matter.  The piece focuses on the severity of international responses to…

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