The “Killer App” That Really Isn’t

It’s troubling that the Internet and the wonderfully innovative service known as Craigslist have been cast as major players in the recent tragedy of a young woman’s death. Just because the alleged killer found his victim by trolling the adult ads section of Craigslist, the media has hung the nickname “the Craigslist Killer” on him. The…

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What Went Right in the Fight Against ‘Nuisance Adware’

It’s significant that of all the major desktop advertising players (the others being Claria, WhenU and DirectRevenue), Zango was the last one standing. With those words, Ken Smith the CEO of adware company Zango/180solutions signaled the end of an industry that consumers never wanted and the end of a company that CDT found to be engaging in…

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Why the NSA Should Not Lead Cybersecurity Government-Wide

UPDATE: At the RSA conference in San Francisco today, NSA Director Keith Alexander disavowed any interest by his agency in directing cybersecurity efforts outside of national security systems. Whether Alexander was engaging in damage control or whether his remarks truly represent a shift in Administration policy remains to be seen. Alexander also spoke of the…

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Personal Health Records – is HIPAA the Answer?

There has been considerable discussion lately about whether the new privacy provisions in the economic stimulus legislation (the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act or ARRA) extend the coverage of the HIPAA privacy and security regulations to commercial vendors of personal health records (PHRs) any time they contract with a HIPAA covered entity. In a

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Internet Libre

Now that U.S. telecom companies seem poised to gain access to Cuba, the big question is whether those companies can help to change the island nation’s repressive Internet censorship regime. President Obama’s plan to allow U.S. telecoms to do business in Cuba is the right thing to do. Gaining access to the Internet and new communications technologies…

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U.S. Intelligence Reports Continue to Confuse Political Dissent with Terrorism

A Department of Homeland Security (DHS) intelligence assessment was published to the Internet this week, warning that opposition to federal government policies could foment a resurgence of “rightwing extremism.” The DHS report is the latest indication that many law enforcement agencies regard advocacy groups as intelligence targets and lawful political dissent as a potential sign of…

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USTR Makes a Down Payment on ACTA Transparency

We’ve been saying for a while now that negotiations on ACTA — the proposed Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement — suffer from a serious transparency deficit. Today, USTR took the helpful step of releasing a summary of the structure of ACTA and the items that may be included in it. The biggest positive here is the apparent recognition…

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HHS Nominee Sebelius Calls Health IT a “Linchpin” of Health Reform

Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius, Obama’s nominee for HHS Secretary, expressed her commitment to health information technology Tuesday calling it a “linchpin” of health care reform, during a confirmation hearing that buffeted her with questions on the issue. Health IT was clearly a “hot topic” during Gov. Sebelius‘ hearing; that emphasis stood…

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