Cybersecurity: What’s Next?

Everyone agrees: cybersecurity is a big problem. Computer hackers are stealing government secrets and millions of dollars. Consumers’ computers are being taken over unbeknownst to them and are being used to spread malicious computer code.  Everyone agrees: the status quo is untenable. Something has to be done about this problem, but there’s no silver bullet. Cybersecurity solutions will involve consumers, communications…

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A study in irony: Censorship at the IGF

Our friends over at the OpenNet Initiative (ONI) were asked to remove a banner promoting their new publication on Internet censorship, Access Controlled, at the Internet Governance Forum in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt on Sunday. At the time, UN security officials failed to cite any rule or regulation that…

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Keeping Friends Close and Friends with Good Credit Scores Closer

You’ve always been careful to protect information on your Facebook profile. Your political views and wall are only available to your closest friends. Your photo albums show you sipping tea in tweed jackets – those photos of you playing beer pong were scrubbed long ago. But you’ve never been too concerned that anyone who Googles you can see a…

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Handy Patriot Act Comparison Chart

Kim Zetter from WIRED’s Threat Level Blog posted our Patriot Act Comparison Chart in an article yesterday.  The chart tracks the current Patriot Act laws as well as both the Senate and House versions by issue area.  Great resource and lots of thanks to our friends at Wired for pushing this out. Check out the chart here.

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Welcome to the New CDT…Finally

When I interviewed at CDT eight months ago, I was asked to grade their website. I’ll be honest – I was not entirely honest when I gave it a C+. I knew they were looking to re-invent the site in Drupal, but I didn’t want to be too harsh. Here at the Center for Democracy & Technology, we do…

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Calling for Interns, law clerks, and a Google Policy Fellow!

CDT is now accepting applications for interns and law clerks for both the spring and summer. Law clerks and interns contribute substantially to CDT’s work by conducting legal and policy research; drafting reports and legal analyses; assisting in the preparation of testimony, presentations, legislation and briefs; and by helping create online and other educational resources. The small size of…

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P3P and the Future of PETs

I will be speaking on Thursday at the European Commission’s Workshop on the Economic Benefits of Privacy-enhancing Technologies in Brussels. With many calling for a revamping of ideas using metadata to help protect privacy, I felt that it was important to use the occasion to write a short paper entitled “Looking Back at P3P: Lessons for the…

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CDT Urges White House to Move on PCLOB

Today, CDT and 28 other organizations sent a letter to the White House asking that the Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board (PCLOB) be reconstituted. The 9/11 Commission recommended the creation of PCLOB in order to oversee the protections to civil liberties and privacy within the federal government, but the board has not been active since…

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