FTC Roundtable: Technology’s Impact on Privacy

In her opening remarks at the second of the FTC’s roundtables in its Exploring Privacy series, FTC Commissioner Pamela Jones Harbour was characteristically observant in noting that the mobile space is “crying out for greater privacy.” She reminded us of the 100,000 mobile apps that have been developed for just one mobile platform (the iPhone) among many,…

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State of the Net Blog Update: Three Strikes Panel

John Morris participated in a panel discussion about when an Internet "pirate" graduates to "Internet exile".  The discussion centered on how ISPs deal with users who continue to break copyright rules despite continued warnings from the ISP.  Where is the line drawn?  The panel featured different opinions about the "Three Strikes" rules and how repeat infringers can be punished…

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State of the Net 2010 Live Broadcast

We're about to begin our State of the Net 2010 live broadcast! Check out our videos of the live stream at We'll be live-tweeting the event through our CDT Live Twitter, and you can expect a blog recap afterward. Enjoy the show!

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Privacy Recommendations for the National Broadband Plan

Last week, CDT filed two sets of comments to the Federal Communications Commission regarding privacy concerns and expectations associated with broadband adoption and use. The FCC is in the process of drafting a national broadband plan and CDT has called upon the Commission to include in this plan a number of policy initiatives and reforms that could…

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High Value Data Sets in the Wild

Friday marked the first set of deadlines for agencies set by the Open Government Directive – and the White House has delivered the first set of data sets from agencies. The new data sets represent all cabinet-level departments, from tire safety ratings to workplace injury data.   It's hard to decide what a "high value data set" is, exactly….

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The Cost of Privacy (Guest Blog Post)

CDT's Web Producer, Cyrus Nemati, knows a thing or two about plug-ins for your web browser. So much in fact, that he did a guest blog post for Wired's Geek Dad blog discussing some of his favorite plug-ins and how they can better protect your privacy. Cyrus's post offers great advice on how to bridge the gap between productivity and…

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FTC’s Vladeck and Leibowitz Recognize the Privacy Policy Paradox

Earlier this week two important government officials made significant comments about the importance of protecting consumer information online. In an on-the-record interview with New York Times editors and reporters, FTC Chairman Jon Leibowitz and Director of Commission’s Bureau of Consumer Protection David Vladeck reaffirmed their belief that the privacy policy paradigm has passed.   The privacy policy paradigm hinges on…

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CDT Files Comments on Open Internet Rules

CDT submitted extensive comments yesterday on the FCC's proposed "open Internet" rules. Our basic take is that the FCC has put its finger on a crucial policy challenge.  The current legal and policy framework does not adequately guarantee the future of the Internet's open and nondiscriminatory structure.  Protecting the Internet's ability to serve as a platform for…

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