Video Tutorials for Anti-Censorship Tools

12pm Tutorials' YouTube channel offers several video tutorials on how to use online anti-censorship tools. Produced by colleagues of CDT, the tutorials are featured in different languages and include tips on using tools such as Tor, "a network of virtual tunnels that allows people and groups to improve their privacy and security on the Internet," as well…

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Attempt at Compromise Neutrality Bill Stalls

For the last month, House Energy & Commerce Committee Chairman Henry Waxman has worked tirelessly with carriers, Internet companies, and public interest groups to craft a legislative approach to preserve the open Internet. CDT applauds Chairman Waxman and his staff for recognizing that action is needed, and for the time and energy invested in developing a bill. Unfortunately, that…

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For Business’ Sake, Gov’t Surveillance Law Must Be Reformed

CDT's Mark Stanley and Harley Geiger recently wrote a guest blog post for Business 2.0 Press: For Business' Sake, Gov't Surveillance Law Must Be Reformed. The post addresses the need to reform the Electronic Communications Privacy Act (ECPA) to ensure consumers are not dissuaded from adopting location-based technology for fear of having their privacy violated. A 2010 study…

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Putting Health Data in the Hands of Patients

One of the great promises of health information technology is that it will improve the ability of patients to manage their own care. But patients can’t do this effectively without information about their own health conditions, so patient access to their personal data is critical to unlocking the vast potential of health IT. An emerging method for giving patients…

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Senate Needs to Rein in Copyright Bill

CDT released a memo today detailing major concerns with S. 3804, the “Combating Online Infringement and Counterfeits Act.”  Copyright infringement is a serious problem, and CDT harbors no sympathy for websites whose primary purpose is to enable widespread violation of copyright and other intellectual property rights. If enacted, though, this bill would stand…

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Ask CDT: Answers on ECPA

This week, CDT Vice President Jim Dempsey (pictured left) testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee on the need to update the Electronic Communications Privacy Act (ECPA). He also took readers’ questions on the important and complex law. Below are his answers. Question: Under the…

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Has Facebook (Quietly) Fixed “Instant Personalization”?

Late last week, Facebook announced the expansion of its “instant personalization” program to a new partner site: Rotten Tomatoes. Although Facebook emphasized on its blog that this new addition to the highly controversial program is “like other instant personalization partner sites,” the Rotten Tomatoes implementation is quite different (and better!) from what we…

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CDT: No Major Role in Cybersecurity for FCC

In comments filed today, CDT asked the Federal Communications Commission to take three guiding principles into account when drawing up its Cybersecurity Roadmap as part of the National Broadband Plan.  First, CDT urged the Commission to recognize its own lack of open-ended jurisdiction over the Internet and to avoid taking a major role in…

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